Digital Menus

Aptito brings your menus to life like never before with vivid, colorful tablet displays and high-resolution images of every offered food item. Most items on predominantly text menus go unordered due to a lack of exposure. With Aptito’s comprehensive cataloging of menu items, restaurant patrons are provided with enticing visuals of your entire menu, exposing them to new food they would have otherwise never ordered. During product testing at custom sites, we found that restaurant customers are likely to order 15% more with visual aids as opposed to strictly text descriptions.

Customer/Staff Interaction

Aptito provides an unparalleled dining experience in terms of customer engagement and personalization. With our iPad menus, customers are able to order directly from the menu, request a waiter’s attention with the push of a button, send special instructions to the chef (e.g., “I’d like my steak medium-rare.”), and pay with their credit cards without the hassle of trying to flag down a waiter. Restaurant owners can offer their customers daily coupons, special promotions, and they can send them newsletters to update them on new menu items and offerings. Place the digital menu displays out front to show off your current menu, and to entice and attract passing foot traffic and street traffic.

Full Customization

Spending money to reprint your menus at the local print shop every time you make a slight change is a thing of the past. With Aptito’s digital menus, you can make on-the-fly changes to your menu at any time. Our digital menus are essentially white-label products, as restaurant owners can customize the look and feel of their menu by choosing from numerous design templates and by uploading their restaurant’s logo to the menu’s heading. You can feature your popular dishes more prominently for new customers that are unfamiliar with your restaurant, so that they will know what to order and be more satisfied with their initial dining experience.

Learn About Your Customers

It’s no secret that the number one reason restaurants go out of business is because customers do not like their food. Our digital menus (iPad menus) will enhance your understanding of your customer’s preferences by telling you exactly what they think about each particular dish. Obtain instant feedback about specific dishes with our post-meal rating and reviewing system. Improve or eliminate unpopular dishes and be conscious of your customer’s needs. See how many people recommend your restaurant to their Facebook friends directly from your menus. Adapt to your customers before you risk losing them for good.

Our digital menus feature a “Nutrition Facts” section, which presents guests with the breakdown of various menu items and their nutritional constituents. Add side orders – digital menus work to up-sell other items like side orders by allowing them to be featured alongside main entrees. Ideal for al la carte restaurants and any food service business.

  • The “My Account” section of the digital menus allows users to:
  • Pay using a credit card on file;
  • Earn a 10% cash back reward (from participating restaurants);
  • View exclusive daily deals and offerings;
  • Invite their friends on Facebook or email contacts to enjoy a digital dining experience at your restaurant, courtesy of Aptito.
  • Aptito digital menu software is FREE to use!