Android POS Solution

The bar has been set for restaurants around the world during the present day: get in par with the modern and changing, and rather exciting, digital era or risk being left behind as your competitors strive to keep pace with technology and the consumer demand for it. With the Android POS system from Aptito, that’s exactly what you can do: stay up to date with the changing times, and offer your guests a more improved dining experience at an affordable monthly rate and cost to you. Plans start at just $39.99/month.

What is an Android POS Solution

An Android POS is a fully featured digital dining experience that allows for guests to browse elaborate menu items from an Android restaurant menu, view high resolution pictures of menu items, read detailed descriptions, see wine pairing options and place an order and tender payment – all from Android restaurant menus. Imagine how impressed your guests will be when they are handed a slim, sleek and feature rich Android digital menu to place their order from. When they are finished eating their meal, they simply tender payment using the Android POS system, which allows them to pay from the tablet and from their table, and even includes a useful tip calculator so they can add a gratuity for your serving staff.

How Affordable is an Android POS solution?

We make it super affordable to implement a state-of-the-art Android POS solution in your restaurant right now. Our digital menu software is so easy to use that in minutes you could be creating your own enticing menu. The menus synch with any Android tablets, or you can lease or finance Android restaurant menus from Aptito for very affordable monthly rates. Our software, and its included Android POS solution, is offered to you for an unbeatable monthly rate of only $39.99. The payment methods are entirely secure, and with tons of options to choose from, you could fire your menu designer and printer, and stop overpaying for your POS solution when you add an Android Digital POS solution to the mix.

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