Using POS at Concession Stands

If you have ever worked at one, chances are that you know concession stands are one of the most high-tension service jobs that exist today. No matter where it is you are working, you are expected to deliver, fast, efficient service, instantly, to a great many people. Which is a very high stress position to be in. Everyone wants their concessions as soon as possible and will get angry the second a line gets held up or a machine breaks down, anything that keeps them from their food. Which is why it is your job to ensure that doesn’t happen. But there is only so much you can do, right? Well if you own a business that has concession stands, but it a theatre, a stadium, what have you, there is a big change you can make to your concession stands in order to speed up lines and cut down on angry customers. Investing in an iPad point of sale system for your concession stand is your ticket to smooth operations around the board, POS can help your concession stands run smoothly at little extra cost to you and here’s how.

  • Faster Payment: One large popcorn! Swipe the card on your tablet and just like that you are done. It’s that simple. No longer do your employees need to fumble with card numbers and make every customer use a pen and paper to sign their name on their receipt, (a pen that has an unusually high mortality rate mind you) Instead, with just a few swipes and few smiles, your customers can be on their way none the worse for ware, everybody’s happy.
  • Easier Transactions: Using a POS simplifies payment, not just for the customer but for the twenty or more customers that may be waiting in line, eager to make their purchases as well. How many times has someone held up an entire line trying to pay in coins, well POS eliminates the need for fumbling with the register, no longer will you have customers trying to pay with pennies infuriating you and the other customers alike making customers
  • Connectivity: And just like that, all the purchases made at all concession stores on the point of sale system are integrated, so you have complete access to financial information, storage/supplies and more. There has never been an easier way to make sure you and your employees are synchronized for maximum efficiency.
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POS At Sporting Events

There are few gatherings of humanity that are quite as chaotic as a sporting event. Thousands of people packed into a stadium, shouting, eating, drinking, and laughing. And then the moment that half-time starts, they scatter to every venue in the stadium buying food, souvenirs, anything they can get their hands on before it is time to return to their seats. Trying to make sense of something like this would be like trying to wrestle a tornado, but there are ways you and your employees can improve the experience for the devoted sports fans you know and love. You can do this by incorporating an iPad point of sale system into the functions of your concessions and souvenir stands. A POS will connect all your venues together, synchronizing inventory data, payment collection and customer data, all in an easy and well organized manner that will cut down on wait times for the fans.

Using a POS allows for quick and easy credit card swiping, this cuts down on the amount of pens lost and the amount of pins not entered properly, more importantly in turn that cuts down on the amount of angry fans who don’t have enough time to wait in line before the next half starts. With POS, one card swipe, and boom you have a happy fan walking away and a line that is starting to move again. The last thing anyone wants at a sporting event is a frozen line. Unfortunately these are all too easy to come by. Sometimes the machines break down, sometimes you’re out of a certain product and have to restock, and every once and awhile you get that one customer who absolutely needs to make their purchase in change and slow everything down. POS will establish a rhythm to everything it is connected to, and soon your sporting events will move like a well oiled machine, pulsing and flowing in an actually organized fashion.

We live in a truly amazing, digital age. POS technology is on the rise and being adopted by new businesses of all types every day. You may have thought it impossible but the advent of POS technology is making everything more convenient, its hard to believe that it can stem the tide of hungry sports fans but that’s exactly what it is designed for and it will change the game for you and your customers. So that you can stop worrying about half-time and get back to the main event.

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POS AT Flea Markets

The Flea Market is a grand American tradition that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Why is that? Well put quite simply, people love the flea market. No other place draws such a diverse crowd on such a regular basis. People go to the flea market, to shop, to explore, to spend time with their families, there isn’t much else that can claim that. And when they do find something that they want, often times it will be something they never expected to find and they’ll treasure the experience and want to return soon. It is a great way to spend both time and money. However there is a big problem in the flea market system that people are only just now becoming aware of, and that is its reliance on cash. Studies have shown that people are less likely to spend money if they have only cash so people tend to be very meticulous about what they purchase from the flea market, which can hurt you as a potential salesman. You want people to spend money at your stand, not consider it then decide not to and head off with only a vague idea of coming back later. You want to get the purchase quick and there is away that you can do that.

You should invest in an iPad and a point of sale system. This allows you to swipe credit cards from your customers, no register required. Think about just how many customers you could net with this. Not only will you be able to accept plastic, but you’ll speed up your transaction time. That way they’ll keep their energy and continue their hunt through the flea market with renewed vigor. The POS system allows your customers to buy what they want, instead of what they brought enough money to get. People appreciate this kind of service and will get to talking about you and your stand. This kind of convenience doesn’t go unnoticed, start using POS and before you know it your stand and stands like yours that invested wisely in this tech will be getting the most customers, because that’s where they know the easy checkout and convenient purchases are going to happen. Business all over the country are investing in a point of sale system to make their lives and their customers lives a little bit easier, why shouldn’t that extend to the flea market?

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Which Tablets Work For Your POS System?

So you have decided to invest in a point of sale system. Congratulations you are on your way to streamlining your business in ways you never thought possible. You will be able to speed up payments, keep track of finances more easily and simply your inventory management. You will also be able to synchronize your devices with your point of sale system and keep your business connected at all times, helping you keep things run smoothly and efficiently at all times. But you still have a few more steps to go. A point of sale system needs tablets right? Right, you are going to need a tablet for your point of sale system to function at its peak. But there are so many tablets on the market, what is the tablet that works best for you? Well there are several good choices on the market and this list will explain a couple of the best to you.

  • iPad: The best tablet to invest in by far is the Apple iPad, the most popular piece of tech on the market and compatible with the most amount of point of sale systems on the market, including having many designed especially for it. Apple is known for their simple design and easy to use interface and that is a huge factor when using a POS, you want things to be as streamlined as can be.
  • Microsoft Surface: Microsoft isn’t always known for their integration with other pieces of software but the Surface’s ability to switch from a laptop into a tablet in an instant is an amazingly useful and convenient feature particularly for those in a more mobile profession, or those who don’t feel the need to invest in both a laptop and a tablet.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab: The all around good tablet, from the all around good tech manufacturer Samsung. Samsung is often the happy medium between Apple and Microsoft and that is certainly the case for you, if you want something a little bit more complicated than an iPad but a little more streamlined than a Surface, then the Tab is your best bet. It is a high quality product that can integrate with a fair number of POS systems allowing you to stay on top of whatever your business needs may be.

Overall the iPad is probably the best choice, but the other two are both expectable as well. You want to chose the system that suits your needs, and is compatible with your POS.

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Tablet v. Cash Register: The Case for POS

Point of sale systems have exploded onto the scene in the past couple years. What was once considered a cute piece of tech that was more showy than functional, designed for millennials starting a business, has quickly evolved into one of the most used systems in the country and the world. But why is that? What has made this idea become such a phenomenon almost overnight and why are so many people still grabbing onto it, even today? Well the answer, as with all technology is simplicity. A point of sale system is designed to simplify your everyday transactions and make your business function more efficiently, but there are still a great many people who still use cash registers. Why is that? This article will list just a few things POS systems have over the traditional register system even in their early stages.

  • Faster Payment: You are able to swipe a card through a tablet while your POS manages the finances and figures, making purchases lightning fast for both you and your customers. The old register methods of punching in the numbers, making change and holding up the line, fall by the wayside as the digital age makes them obsolete.
  • Synchronization: Cash registers are good for storing money, not so much for keeping track of money. A point of sale system manages everything from finances to inventory all synchronized on your devices for easy access to whatever it is you need at that moment.
  • Space: Let’s face it, cash registers take up a great deal of unnecessary space. Investing a point of sale system means that your transactions would transfer to your tablet, meaning that you are free to redesign your business to incorporate all the new space you have now that your clunky old register has gone. You can give your store a modern feel and express yourself and showcase your business in ways that weren’t possible before now.

Overall it becomes amazingly clear just how much more beneficial a POS system is for businesses than a traditional register system. Especially if you are just getting started you want your business to function at its peak and be easy to run for you. So a point of sale system will provide you with all the tools you need to make that happen, allowing you and your business to make a splash in the digital age.

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POS Tablets v. Traditional Tablets

Tablets are everywhere these days, it seems like everyone and their brother owns at least one, not to mention that they probably have it synched with their phone, computer, house, microwave etc. The digital age has brought us the technology of science fiction without us even realizing it. Tablets have so many benefits, not just personally but professionally as well. They can be used to organize and manage aspects of your business in a more timely and efficient manner than you would without one. But you can push your tablet one step beyond by installing a point of sale system on it. A tablet with a point of sale system will still perform all the functions of a tablet without one, as well as a myriad of new and helpful functions that you will wonder how your business ever survived without.

  • A Good Memory: A point of sale system, when installed on your tablet can keep track on the finer aspects of your business so you don’t have to. No longer do you have to juggle time sheets, inventory statements and bills. A POS manages employee work schedules, your own inventory, what you have, what you need, and above all your finances, helping you balance your budgets and manage your business at peak efficiency.
  • A Fine Replacement: If you run a business that still uses a cash register, and you already own a tablet, you have no excuse not to upgrade to a point of sale system right now. You can eliminate your stressful credit card dealings, horrible cash micromanagements and the agonizing making of change for a simple swipe and go approach that more and more businesses are adopting each day.
  • Synchronize: Chances are your tablet is already bouncing information to your phone, your computer, your toaster, whatever it may be. So installing a point of sale system to help manage your business is the logical next step. Your POS will synch all the necessary information mentioned above on all your connected devices, making it easy for you to access what you need whenever you need it. So if you are a business owner, having a tablet without POS is akin to having a car without wheels. You just aren’t making the most of things. If you make the change, almost instantly you will see the added simplicity and convenience that POS brings both your business and personal life.
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Food Trucks and POS: Why Do You Need It?

Making deliveries is one of the hardest jobs out there. You’ve got to drive for hours on end with little sleep carting who knows what back and forth across the country. It can stress you out to no end, so if there was a way to streamline some aspect of this, wouldn’t you take it? Of course you would and it’s likely that you already have taken some steps to make the process easier. A phone or radio here, a GPS there, all designed to make your life just a little bit easier. Well there is yet another thing you can do to simplify the delivery process for you or your drivers and that is make an investment in tablets and a point of sale system. Why, well let’s go over some of the biggest reasons to make the jump.

  • Synchronize: If you have a lot of deliverymen and women working for you, a point of sale system can help you synchronize with them and allow them to synchronize with each other, being notified of transactions being made, deliveries that are needed and timesheets to look at. It helps keep everything running smoothly which is the lifeblood of any delivery service.
  • Easy Payment: Instead of a long tedious payment process, a point of sale system allows your deliverymen to get a swipe from the company credit card and be done with payment just like that. That convenience not only helps your workers, but your customers will notice it as well and remember that your service is the one that is the easiest to work with and likely buy from you again.
  • Convenience: As stated before, whether you are a deliveryman or woman or you run a delivery service. You know that nothing is quite as important as making sure that the delivery goes smoothly and efficiently. That is exactly what the point of sale systems on the market have been designed for. They are there to ensure that your payment processes speed up and your stress levels go down allowing your business to run at an easier and more efficient rate, while keeping track of all your necessary data and synching it between devices on the network. It truly is a wonderful time to be a business owner and no matter what business it is, a point of sale system will help you run it like a well oiled machine.
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iPad and POS, What else do I need?

So you have taken the first step to revolutionizing the way your business functions by getting an iPad and a point of sale system to go along with it, but is that all that you need? No it isn’t, there are actually a few more pieces of technology that you will most certainly want to invest in if you want your point of sale system to function at its absolute peak. They are not very expensive and can make all the difference in the world, to both you and your business. Just because you’ve got an iPad, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re ready just yet. There are a few things you can buy for your iPad that will be beneficial for you in the long run.

  1. Case: The first of these accessories is a case. Nothing is worse than dropping an iPad and breaking it, especially in front of customers. It can happen so easily too especially if one of your employees is handling it, so you want to be prepared in case it does happen. Invest in a hard-shell case that will protect your tech from falls, scratches and anything else that could hurt it. Take the same care that you would with a company car.
  2. Credit Card Reader: You will also want a credit card reader, your point of sale system is all well and good but if your iPad can’t read transactions you’re out of luck so make sure that you get your hands on one before getting started using your new POS.
  3. More iPads: This depends on the size of your business. If it is just you, then yes probably one iPad is fine. But if you have a lot of employees making a lot of sales all over your place of business then you want them all to be hooked up to the point of sale system and that means giving them all iPads equipped with the accessories mentioned above. This way you’ll be able to stay in synch with the rest of your workforce and your business will become a truly well oiled machine before you know it.
  4. Stand: If you are showing your customers something and you want to be able to rest your iPad in a certain place, invest in some stands where you can leave the iPad or pick one up if you or your employees need one.
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Buying and Selling: An iPad POS Perspective

To say that iPad point of sale systems have revolutionized the way people do business would be a massive understatement. These systems have completely turned the traditional business model on its head, allowing for new and exciting ideas and successes to flourish in this digital age. The point of sale system will effect you no matter what side of the transaction you are on, buyer or seller it will have an impact on you to some degree and it’s about time you knew what kind of effect the growing popularity of the POS system will have in your everyday life.

  • Buyer: As a buyer you will be dealing with the point of sale system in a very different way than the seller. You are the one making the payment so you will be able to have an outsiders perspective on how exactly the POS system works. Many buyers are amazed the first time that they swipe their credit card over someone’s iPad and find their transaction is instantly finished. This kind of swift and manageable service is convenient for you as the buyer and will let you make your purchase quickly and efficiently using the method that you most prefer and then let you be on your way as fast as possible, it is designed as much for you as it is for the seller. POS works to simplify the transaction process and make it easier for you to make purchases with a stronger peace of mind.
  • Seller: As a seller your role involve the iPad point of sale system is a more hands on one. As you are the one who took the time to link your business with POS, connecting your transactions and managing your accounts in the simplest way possible. Making a sale for you becomes a completely different process with POS. You no longer have to deal with huge lines and angry customers, one swipe and they’re ready to go. And their buying history is stored on your system, allowing you to easily remember their information should they come back to the store, letting you give a more personalized shopping experience that people will remember and keep coming back for. Comparing the POS with the traditional cash register/card reader system is an absolute joke the amount of time you save is unprecedented and you don’t have to micromanage every little transaction to the penny anymore, the system does that for you.
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Reinvigorating Your Restaurant With an iPad Point of Sale System

The point of sale system stands to revolutionize the way people do business over the next five years. There are a great many different businesses investing in this tech but is it right for you. Well if you run a restaurant, big or small the answer is a very qualified yes. A restaurant is perhaps the number one business that can benefit from installing a point of sale system and investing in the necessary materials. A point of sale system can make a truly huge difference in your restaurants productivity, and atmosphere. People will talk and before you know it your restaurant will be known as the place that is always ready, equipped with the best technology on the market, lightning fast and convenient.

A point of sale system connects your whole restaurant, allowing you and your employees to stay connected constantly, increasing their speed and your customer’s satisfaction. You will be able to have your servers take orders on their iPads as well as show the table the daily specials in glorious high definition snapshots. The payment process will be completely streamlined with new credit card swiping tech for each iPad, making it easier for your customers to pay for their meals and be on their way, something that they will appreciate and remember. You will also be able to familiarize your servers with certain customers and what they prefer. People love coming into a restaurant and being asked, “The usual?” Well using your POS you can figure out what that customer’s usual order is and increase familiarity with them. People love this, it makes them feel welcome and that is something all restaurants should strive to achieve. You can also use POS to monitor your servers and chefs, as well as help them keep in contact with each other so that the kitchen functions just as fast as the rest of the restaurant. Your POS will help you keep track of tips, finances and businesses expenses as well, allowing for a complete overhaul of your systems for managing money and inventory as well.

More and more restaurants are discovering this every day and it won’t be long before it becomes the norm. Make sure you are one step ahead and invest today. You will be amazed at the changes you see in your restaurant and customers almost instantly. Before you know it your restaurant will become the place to be.

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