Reservation System Android – The Poetry of Technology in Motion

wall android and ipad Reservation System Android – The Poetry of Technology in Motion

Aptito's Android Restaurant Menu

How can you make something like “reservation system Android” poetic?

Here’s a good start … You know that old saying … “Enjoy your childhood because you will grow up too fast.”

Well this notion can also be applied to the state of technology as it currently sits. And sits would be the slow-stirring opposite of the current state of technology; being that it’s incrementally in a constant motion and – moving forwards – nearly at the speed of light – destined to make things better, easier and more streamlined for all of mankind.

Indigenous to this thought pattern and the evolving and seemingly ubiquitous nature of technology is just that: it’s omnipresent; it’s everywhere; it really is moving faster than the White Water Rapids; and if you don’t have a paddle handy, the current may just sweep you off your feet, wash you ashore and leave you baffled and perplexed at how you got left behind.

Now that’s a mouthful for certain to comprehend and to take in. But it’s an underlying superlative of the following: digital menus (such as the iPad menu and Android restaurant menu) are the future; they are that swift current for restaurants; they are the next big step.

The future is: Now. Are you ready to take the leap?

Restaurants that don’t get on board the metaphorical raft and paddle with all of their might to fight the current are certain to get swept against the rocks – or their competitors – who have the speed boats that empower them to succeed.

What we are getting at here is: if you don’t act now and get with the times by adding a reservation system Android to the mix – the next thing that you might realize is that the restaurant next door already has one in place; and they will be waving to you as you are watching them careening past you in that metaphorical boat, heading to shore; their future successes.

Destination: the digital age; lavish touch screen Android restaurant menus and online reservations via PC, tablet or smart phone handsets using an integrated reservation system Android.

The Results: Supercharged profits, improved customer service, reduced overhead costs, streamlined efficiency, and, them remaining more competitive and attractive to prospect and existing patrons than you are. Of course, there are some other realizable and saucy perks to hosting your own reservation system Android.

Let’s dig into this dish and see what its ingredients comprise … so you can concoct your gourmet entrée to future successes …


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Integrated iPad POS Systems Can Make Paying the Check an Instant Success

ipadpossystems Integrated iPad POS Systems Can Make Paying the Check an Instant SuccessFor restaurants without a handheld digital POS system, like iPad POS Systems, (i.e., those still using either an expensive, bulky, old-style POS system or, worse, the 40% of restaurants still using an analogue cash register), paying the check after a meal can be a time consuming, tedious process for both server and customer. The manual process entails a number of steps, any or all of which can be extremely slow and frustrating. The guest initiates the process by requesting the check from the server. The server then must go to either the restaurant’s shared POS terminal where, after waiting behind other servers using the same terminal, they must call up the check on the screen, print it off, insert it into a check-presenter (i.e., the check-presentation folder), and bring it back to the table.

Once the customer has looked over the bill, they must insert their credit card into the folder, and wait again for the server to return to the table to pick it up, after which the server must return again to the shared POS terminal (waiting behind any other servers already waiting their turn), pull up the guest’s bill again, swipe the customer’s credit card, wait for credit card approval, then print out the charge slip in duplicate, insert the credit card together with both copies of the credit card receipt into the check presenter, and bring the check presenter back to the table. After the server has returned with the check presenter, the guest must remove the credit card from the check-presentation folder, calculate and manually write in the gratuity, total the figures, sign the slip and return it to the check presenter. Finally, the server must return once more to the table to collect the signed credit card receipt.

An iPad POS System changes all of that. Such iPad POS Systems enable tableside payment and processing: the guest sees the check onscreen and enters the desired tip amount into the handheld device; the server then swipes the guest’s credit card on the iPad POS System right at the table; and the guest signs directly on the device and enters an email address at which to receive an electronic receipt. The guest’s credit card never leaves the table and is, therefore, never out of the guest’s sight. An iPad POS System can also easily process check splits between multiple guests and credit cards, without the need for the server to remember which card belongs to which guest.

Not only do iPad POS Systems eliminate all of the back and forth steps required with older systems, it eliminates the waiting time for the server to access a shared POS terminal or register, since each server’s handheld device is an individual iPad POS System terminal. This, in turn, eliminates the need for the server to print checks, paper credit card slips, or receipts, resulting in a substantial savings to the restaurant in terms of paper and printing costs and supplies. The entire transaction is completed digitally, at the table, in less than a minute. The guest can leave promptly and the server is free to attend to the needs of other guests.

As you can see, using iPad POS System speeds up processing, dramatically reduces customer waiting time (which alone, in turn, increases customer satisfaction), frees valuable server time, facilitates faster table turns, creates additional opportunities for guest engagement, and can build customer loyalty by enabling the restaurant to include a coupon with the email receipt to encourage the customer to return in the near future or provide the customer with the opportunity to request email notification of future specials.

Additionally, an iPad POS System may be integrated into a restaurant’s overall plan for compliance with the 12 Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) requirements, with which all merchants and processors which store, transmit, or process cardholder data must comply.


To learn more about the 12 PCI Data Security Standards Requirements:

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Digital Menu: The Wave of the Future

Is a Digital Menu Affordable?

The first question that is more than likely on your mind is: can I afford a digital menu solution? The easy answer is YES, you can! Consider this: Aptito offers financing that allows you to add these desirable tablets (iPad or Android) for very low monthly rates that range between $8-$10 per month per tablet. Our software is affordable, too, and costs just over a buck per day to use. You can even insure the digital menu against theft or accidental damage, so you can enjoy increased peace of mind. How’s that for being affordable?

Why Guests Love Using a Digital Menu

Paper menus are static and boring, period. A digital menu offers a brightly lit touch screen display that automatically attracts guests to its innovative and user-friendly interface. They can browse menu items, read detailed descriptions and view enticing pictures that make their mouths water. They can request table service, order food, drinks or learn more about wine pairing and specials. Guests can even calculate tip and tender payment with a digital menu. What is there not to love?

Up Your Level of Customer Service

Want to better serve your customers? With a digital menu you can! No more paper and pens for servers. They can now focus on expediting food to tables and refilling glasses, as well as tending to customers’ needs more effectively. This equates to more satisfied customers, and vastly improved levels of service.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Imagine never having to print paper menus again, or paying for them to be professionally designed. You can easily design them yourself using our innovative and easy-to-use digital menu software. It’s so simple that even a child can use it. How many times do you pay to print menus each year? What if you could update or change a menu theme or item instantly? With a digital menu you can!

Increase Profits

Did you know that the average restaurant that adds a digital menu solution reports sales increases of 10-20% within the first three months? That’s 90 days to see a real return on investment. It does not getting any saucier than that in the competitive food service industry of today.

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What to Expect From the Best iPad POS

If you are considering adding an iPad POS in place of your existing POS system, there are some important things to factor. For starters, how much money will this POS system cost you, and what features will it offer? If the provider of your iPad POS is not offering you a full suite of features and amenities with few caveats, you could very well be overpaying. Here are some classic warning signs to look out for that may mean you are not getting the most for your money:

  • Company forces you to buy the iPad tablets from them
  • Does not include multiple-use licenses
  • Provider charges overly costly setup fees
  • Does not offer remote, cloud-based access
  • Requires third-party applications
  • Does not synch with iPad menu
  • Is not visual POS and easy to learn
  • Does not offer 24-hour customer support
  • Does not back up product and service with money back guarantee
  • Charges large upfront fees, and charges for multiple licenses

These are all no-no’s to avoid if you are truly seeking the best iPad POS. Want to know why? Because at Aptito, we have perfected our POS software and we offer an All-in-One solution.

This ensures that you get the following:

  • Use software on any iPad tablet
  • Includes multiple-use licenses
  • Includes fully featured iPad menu software
  • Secure, cloud-based access from anywhere that you have the internet
  • Employee timecard system
  • Inventory tracking and management system (smart inventory)
  • Included reservation app for smartphones and for your website
  • Payment at table feature
  • No contracts, no hidden fees
  • Compatible with most major accounting software
  • Finance the tablets from us for for low monthly rates
  • Cancel our service at any time
  • No programming required
  • Takes less than an hour to learn and master
  • Easy-to-setup and use (create vivid digital menus in minutes)
  • Lowest monthly fees in industry
  • Profitable within the first 90 days (90 day buyback guarantee – We will refund your money if you are not 100% satisfied during the first 90 days!)

Find out just how affordable your iPad POS solution can be. Don’t pay thousands. Don’t pay hidden fees. Control your future and enterprising. We invite you to contact us today so we can offer you a custom quote on all of your iPad POS and digital menu software needs.

Learn more about iPad POS by Aptito.

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The iPad Kiosk (Self Service Kiosk) Would be Ideal For? – Where Could You See Them Next?

stand The iPad Kiosk (Self Service Kiosk) Would be Ideal For? – Where Could You See Them Next?The iPad Kiosk is quickly making its presence known in food service businesses nationwide. It’s not a replacement for waiters, and it does not detract from the dining experience. Rather, it’s your convenient menu and your easy ordering device, one that allows you to summons a waiter by pressing a “request waiter” button on the screen to receive faster, more complete service. Digital solutions like this add a previously absent amenity to the dining experience. Today, we examine some popular scenarios where this type of technology is being implemented to take the dining experience for the customer to previously unattainable, new and more interactive levels.

Hot Dog Places: Yep, even hot dog places can benefit from offering a self service kiosk with Aptito’s unique digital menu solution. In fact, we have an ideal example that we’ve recently just covered regarding D-Doghouse in Florida. You can check out how unique of a dining experience that this digital answer is providing by reading our Blog About D-Doghouse.

Diners: America’s diners are a mainstay and a certain cultural culinary staple to our lineage. There are umpteen traditional American dishes that these venues proudly serve on a daily basis. Imagine your lines moving more quickly, happier customers and less waiting time when servers can place their focus on expediting food and servicing guests, instead of wasting time penning orders on outdated paper pads.

Airport Restaurants: Many airport restaurants are now offering kiosk ordering for guests who are pressed for time in between flights. This presents a rather unique solution. Now you can simply punch in your order, view the menu items that you want to order, and pay securely with your credit card. Major airports like JFK in New York are already using solutions like this, and the consumer response has been impressive.

The Steakhouse: Can you imagine how many combinations there can be for that perfect steak. From the different cuts to the different cooking specs (e.g., medium-rare; well done; blue in the center), to the different toppings (e.g., grill shrimp, smothered in parmesan, grilled mushrooms or onions, etc.). Now your valued guests can create thousands of combinations and see how tantalizing they would be with visual imagery, before they order.

Sushi Bars: Sushi bars are an ideal place for an iPad kiosk or tablet-hosted menu. For example, a very popular sushi bar in NYC is already using our digital menus to offer their guests a more refined and interactive, responsive and memorable service at Orange Grill Sushi Bar.

The Pizza Parlor: There are nearly endless variations of the pizza pie that one can contrive. Imagine your guests dining and choosing the pizza type, the crust and the toppings they desire from their table with a visual guide like a self service kiosk. The sky is literally the limit, and what pizza place do you think they will remember, the place where they could surf the web while their pie baked, or the place where they sat and waited for half an hour after ordering from a laminate menu?

Learn more about iPad Kiosks by Aptito, and find out just how affordable this unique solution is.

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How the iPad Menu App Revolutionizes the Dining Experience for the Customer

freeipadmenuapp 300x229 How the iPad Menu App Revolutionizes the Dining Experience for the Customer How do you order food, pay and receive service? Is it a different experience every time? Do you sometimes find a restaurant on Google Places, or book a table on Open Table or other type of online restaurant reservation service? Perhaps you use a variety of different apps to find a restaurant. Maybe you even use Yelp. But is this really all that convenient for you, the hungry patron? Wouldn’t it be easier if there was an all-in-one app that took the hassle out of procuring a first-rate dining experience? Well finally, there is! Introducing the iPad menu app by Aptito, the future of dining, in your hands today.

Aptito Asks:

  • What if you could open your mobile phone, activate your Aptito app and easily find restaurants that had the food that you were hungry for?
  • What if you could easily place an order for delivery to your office or home, carryout or even book a reservation with one click?
  • What if the app featured vivid, detailed menus with high-resolution imagery of menu items, replete with descriptions, prices and so much more?
  • What if, upon being seated at that restaurant you booked a reservation for from your mobile phone – and with just one simple click – you were handed a gorgeous and slim, feature-loaded iPad menu instead of a static, boring and unresponsive paper menu?
  • What if the dining experience was changed forever, and we mean forever – and you could now summons a waiter by merely  pressing a button on the screen, tender payment securely via iPad POS, request drinks, send custom cooking specifications and so much more?
  • What if you could share your dining experience with your friends on Facebook or Twitter by pressing a button?
  • What if this was not a “what if” and were actually a reality?

Guess what? No more What ifs! With Aptito’s iPad menu app, the future of dining has arrived!

See Aptito’s iPad Menu Software in Action


Ready to Learn More?

Curious about the iPad menu app by Aptito and how it could up the dining experience for your customers? Perhaps you are an intrigued diner who read this post and are wondering how this app could serve to heighten and augment your next dining experience. If you have an iPad, take a few moments to see how the revolutionary digital menu software by Aptito could make your next dining experience effortless, interactive, robust and streamlined. Download our free iPad menu app today, and see what our software can do for yourself.

Learn more about a free iPad menu app by Aptito.

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Top Features to Expect with the Best iPad POS System


When considering what POS solution is best suited for your food service business, cost and initial investment always are important things to consider. The reality of the traditional point of sale system is that it’s been made obsolete by modern day technologies that are more pertinent, and are entirely efficient as well as budget-friendly. The most revolutionary solution is iPad POS; a point of sale system that’s powered by an iPad tablet.

More Affordable

The key goal for any business trying to garner profits is in reducing overhead costs. A conventional POS solution requires the acquisition of bulky and outdated terminals that can cost thousands of dollars. The software must also be acquired. If more than one point of sale system is required, the cost substantially raises as more units and licenses must also be purchased. With iPad POS, it’s nearly 80% more cost effective than standard point of sale.

Easy to Setup and Use

Hurl away the book thick manual for POS that you used to rely upon. With iPad POS, getting familiar takes minutes. Intuitive iPad POS can be implemented much more quickly, and is easy to use. The visual interface eases the training process with a more colorful and vivid backend that’s simple to understand and effortless to learn how to use.

Smart Inventory

Check your inventory just once, and then set it and forget it. With an intuitive inventory feature, your key items are managed in real-time. Low inventory alerts ping management when items are getting close to needing to be reordered. Easy inventory ordering makes restocking the kitchen virtually effortless.

Easy Reporting with Exportable Data

Quarterly accounting is streamlined and made much simpler with exportable data. Generate custom reports in minutes by pressing a button. Export your numbers to your accounting software in almost no time whatsoever. It’s truly that intuitive. A variety of convenient, one-button reports are offered with the best solutions.

Could iPad POS be Your Solution?

Could iPad POS be the secret weapon that helps you facilitate increased profit margins for your entity? Consider the following aspects. With iPad POS, there are not any more costs for printing menus because now you can offer digital menus on the iPad tablets. Handheld iPad menus attract more patrons, and now patrons can securely pay at the table via the POS. Staff is more attentive as a result, and this also means that more tables are filled each day. When compared to standard POS, it’s a lot more affordable to implement, too. Leading providers of the software even offer money back guarantees, so there is almost zero risk with implementing this POS solution.

Key Feature of iPad POS:

  • Cost effective solution; more affordable than conventional POS.
  • Feature digitized restaurant menu software (digital menus) with high definition pictures of menu items.
  • Compatible with most accounting software.
  • Incorporates visual reporting and provides immediate and detailed information.
  • Includes Employee scheduling and optional payroll services and functions.
  • Remote hosting ensures secure and remote access for management (from virtually anywhere).
  • No associated long term contracts or outrageous fees.
  • Integrates with digital menus and software to provide payment at table and all-in-one digital solution.
  • Real-time reservation system enables instant online reservations and table management for hosting.
  • Offline POS functions even when internet is down.
  • Includes expediting feature that eliminates printers in the kitchen and replaces them with iPad tablets that display orders instead.
  • Smartphone communicator pings wait staff when orders are placed or updated or patron requests table service.
  • Menus are easy to create and update, and can be updated in minutes.
  • Saves thousands on menu printing and design costs annually.
  • Visual POS interface is easy to learn to use (takes less than an hour).
  • 90 day buyback guarantee makes iPad POS entirely risk-free.

Learn more about an iPad POS System by Aptito.

ADownloadButtonipadpositunes Top Features to Expect with the Best iPad POS System

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Creative Ways to Use Digital Menus Affordably: Wine Lists

Wine bars and fine restaurants nationwide are starting to implement digital menus for use as wine lists to better serve their guests and manage their always large and constantly changing wine inventories.

Certainly, digital menus are the next “big” technological fascination for restaurants. Oddly enough, this trend didn’t begin in the highbrow five star joints that you take your significant other to when celebrating an important wedding anniversary. Rather, they began at fast food places to better expedite the tedious process of always having to update their menus, prices and specials.

Let’s keep in mind that fast food joints have revolving specials and menus that can change by the hour, season or even last minute new creations, and digital menu boards facilitate this in a manner that makes sound business sense for them to be the first entities to have starting using them.

But much has changed since Mickey-Dees added digital menu boards to their locations; an idea that miserably failed in the 90s when they decided to use projection TVs for menu boards and realized that maintaining them was so costly that they didn’t even make sense.

However, digital menus and digital menu boards make a whole ton of sense. Next along the line of the Darwinism of this evolutionary path for menus are real restaurants. Not drive through junk food conglomerates; although we all have our sinfully delicious cravings that serve as justifiable vices for eating fast food every now and again.

Getting back on track …

Now we are seeing digital menus make their way into elite gourmet eateries, cafes, steakhouses, mom and pop restaurants and even wine bars. When you think about using wine lists on digital menus, it denotes a remarkable amount of sense.

For starters, wine is a refined, nearly yuppie-influenced (yes yuppies are newish, but could you not also call nobles back in the day “yuppies”?) taste that has created nearly a trend, spurring the hatching of thousands of popular wine bars nationwide. Directly in par are fine restaurants that often boast nearly as many – or more – bottles in their cellar as do wine bars.

Can you imagine how insane it is to keep track of 10, 20 or even 30 thousand bottles of wine, all changing daily?

In enters the savior, the refined technological gadget that many wine connoisseurs already own: Android tablets or iPad tablets; only these are specially outfitted with touch screen interactive wine lists using digital menu software.

It entices guests. It makes your place become more refined, hi-tech and modern. And it allows your guests as well as your staff to better manage and sell or upsell your wine selection, even from massive inventories.

Wondering how effective digital menus are for wine lists in action?

See our Blog Regarding “Bones Steakhouse in Atlanta Using Digital Wine Lists

By the way, think you can’t afford to add digital menus to your restaurant? Think again!

Disclaimer: This is an independent report sourced from one or more news articles and or press releases; none of the company’s, entities or technologies digressed in this report are affiliated with or a client of Aptito.

Aptito offers a unique iPad Menus solution that could work for your business. Click Here to learn more.

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21 Reasons Why iPad Menus are The New Standard

ipads menus digital.jpg.scaled500 21 Reasons Why iPad Menus are The New Standard

Restaurants around the world about to see sweeping change in a new digital flavor: iPad menus. So the next time that you are looking for a place that is hip, happening and in the mainstream, make sure to check if they offer iPad menus digital – or at least Android digital menus so you can enjoy the most interactive menu ordering restaurant experience of the 21st century.

For food service workers who may be worried that iPad menus will render your job obsolete, worry not; they are just in place to make the job of a server easier by allowing them to better focus on expediting food and providing more valuable service to customers, while at the same time not having to explain menu items, or take notes on an outdated order pad.

So without ado … the top 21 reasons why digital menus iPads will be the New Standard:

  1. Paper is outdated, wasteful and costly.
  2. Pictures are worth a 1000 words and digital menus iPads provide hi-res ones!
  3. Improved customer service
  4. More speedy order taking and handling
  5. Custom messages for food preparation sent to kitchen
  6. Interactive wine lists that suggest compliments to meals
  7. Reduced staff and labor costs
  8. Improved customer retention
  9. Ability to provide key feedback on service
  10. Word of mouth via social networking apps that are built-in
  11. Streaming news feeds to entertain guests
  12. Built in games for the kids
  13. Ability to pay via digital menus iPads using credit card
  14. Inventory tracking to inform guests and management if items are out of stock
  15. Able to interchange between different menus at the click of a button
  16. Advertise specials and happy hour deals on the same menu
  17. The software for digital menus iPads is easy to use and to update
  18. You can lease Android digital menus or iPad menus for reasonable monthly rates
  19. Built in security devices prevent digital menus iPads from being stolen
  20. They can be insured for cheap against damage and theft
  21. Save $1000s annually on cost of printing static paper menus
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Benefits of Mobile POS App (Aptito Communicator) by Aptito

v2.communicator dish1 148x300 Benefits of Mobile POS App (Aptito Communicator) by Aptito Smarter dining is just around the corner. Thanks to years of design and testing, Aptito is pleased to be phasing in a newer, more refined and more intelligent method of being served and serving customers. With the mobile POS app, your paper menus are a thing of the past. Now your servers and menus are entirely mobile. A new means of instant communication has arrived, one that empowers you to offer the best customer service and experience as possible while minimizing wait times and eradicating food order errors. The solution: the POS app by Aptito.

Reduce Wait Time for Guests & Fill More Tables

When your guests are hungry, they want to be served in an efficient manner; and they don’t want you to compromise service or the experience just to fill more tables. With a POS app – you can actually fill more tables and service more patrons without a reduction in the overall quality of service or tentativeness of the wait staff. Because the mobile POS app pings food and drink orders, request check orders and summons wait staff requests directly to the servers (to the smart device that each server is equipped with) from the digital menus that the guests are using, servers can handle a significantly increased workload and service more tables—while still providing a high quality dining experience.

Eliminates Most Food Order Errors

Before food is sent off to the kitchen, the wait staff must review and approve the orders, and then send it off for creation. This reduces food order errors dramatically. As guests place orders, the servers are notified via the Aptito Communicator. Wait staff can then review custom cooking specifications and ask any pertinent questions regarding the order, before it’s sent off to the chefs.

Enhances the Dining Experience

The mobile POS app by Aptito is designed to directly coordinate with our all-in-one digital solutions. With an iPad POS system in place, the POS app is the direct line of communication between the customer, the wait staff, the POS system and the kitchen. Learn more about how this quintessential app enhances the dining experience for guests by reading our Blog about Mobile POS App.

Download & Use Aptito’s Mobile POS App for Free

See the features and functionality of our mobile POS app for yourself. If you have any of the following devices you can download our app for free and check it out: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Click Here to Download the Mobile POS App by Aptito for Free from iTunes.

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