POS Systems to Avoid

In today’s marketplace, you have dozens of options for almost anything you need to buy – more so if you are shopping for your business. In some cases, it almost helps more to know what you don’t want or what you need to avoid so that you can whittle down the field. After all, many products will have the same features and benefits. Therefore, it helps a bit to know what they don’t have and to go from there.

If you are shopping for a new point-of-sale system for your business, here are a few POS systems that you should probably avoid:

Large, Clunky Machines

Traditionally, the only option for a POS system was a large, boxy cash register with a lot of bells and whistles (literal bells and whistles). Even as POS systems have gotten smaller and more mobile, these outdated clunkers are still being made.

Avoid buying one of these systems as they will chain your employees to one spot at a counter, limiting their ability to check out customers quickly and efficiently. A sleeker system, such as an iPad POS, will allow them to meet customers wherever they are in the store or the community.

Complex Systems

A POS system need not be complex to provide you all the features you need. A complex system will be hard for employees to learn how to use, which will cost you unnecessary payroll hours and reduce efficiency in serving customers.

Choose a system that is easy to learn, such as an iPad POS. Many employees are already familiar with the iPad, and the interface is very user-friendly. Employees will be able to learn the system in no time, and you won’t have to sacrifice features in the process.

Expensive Systems

Traditional POS systems can cost upwards of $15,000 or $20,000. That’s a huge investment for any size business. In contrast, an iPad POS system can cost you around $1,000 (a bit more or less depending on the brand and the features you choose). With the lower cost, you can even afford to pick up several units to increase your efficiency in serving customers.

Forget about older POS systems that no longer meet the needs of today’s businesses. Don’t buy clunky, complex or expensive systems. Consider newer, lighter and less expensive technology like the iPad POS for your business instead.

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POS Systems: The New Norm?

When you start shopping for a new point-of-sale system for your business, what you may have in mind may be much different than what’s becoming the norm. Traditionally, your option for a POS system was a bulky cash register that chimed when you entered a sale and popped out a cash drawer when you needed to make change.

Modern POS systems have changed dramatically. They are smaller, sleeker, quieter and much more sophisticated. In many ways, the iPad POS system is becoming the new norm for businesses of all types. Here are a few reasons why the iPad POS system is becoming the standard:

More Features

The iPad POS may be small in size, but it is large in features. It can help you do everything from process credit cards to manage inventory to create customized marketing materials. You can gain more insights into your sales history to help you keep costs down and raise your profit margins. You get all of these features without having to buy a bigger, bulkier system that will take up too much counter space or be difficult to move.

More Mobility

Unlike a clunky cash register, an iPad POS can easily be moved anywhere you need it to go. You can set it up on a mount if you want to establish a dedicated check out space, or you can keep it mobile to check out customers throughout your store or trade show booth. The mobility allows you to serve more customers in more places, helping you to increase sales and exposure for your business.

More Savings

Older POS systems could cost anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000. However, an iPad POS system can be purchased for as little as $1,000. That’s a significant cost savings that will benefit your business, no matter how big or small it is. However, if you have a smaller business, that’s especially helpful since it allows you to get the equipment you need without expending a lot of capital.

With all the benefits that the iPad POS system offers, it is no wonder that it is quickly becoming the new normal. You likely have already started to see the systems at businesses you patronize, from bookstores to restaurants. If you own a business or thinking about starting one, the iPad POS system is an essential tool that can help your business save money and get the sales you need.

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Point of Sale and Working from Home

Sites like Etsy and eBay have made it easy for anyone to start their own business or to work from home. It has also become very easy and inexpensive to create your own website to start selling services or products.

If you start working online from home and your business starts to take off, you may start thinking about expanding offline. That might include attending trade shows, arts and crafts festivals, niche fairs, or other community events. You may also consider creating a home office in which to accept local clients. Your one hang up may be that you don’t have a way to accept payments other than cash, which can be very limiting in terms of sales potential.

Fortunately, you have options that don’t include spending thousands of dollars on a traditional point-of-sale system and a credit card vendor contract. The iPad POS is perfect for those who work from home and need a POS system. Here’s why:

Mobile Accessibility

When you work from home, you’ll be meeting your customers in a variety of places, whether in their homes or businesses or elsewhere in the community. You won’t be able to lug around a big, boxy cash register.

With the iPad POS, you can get all the functionality of a traditional POS, but you can also carry it anywhere you need to go. The system weighs little more than a pound, and you can easily hold it in your hands while you check out a customer at a festival or use it from your mobile office.

Secure Payment Processing

As an entrepreneur, you likely don’t have the cash flow to lose a significant portion of your sales to credit card processing fees. Yet you don’t want to lose sales by not being able to accept credit cards. You can solve both problems with the iPad POS.

With the system, you can easily accept credit cards but you only pay a minor fee. You’ll give your customers the confidence to pay by credit card, increasing your sales.

Low Investment

An iPad POS system can be purchased for as little as $1,000. That’s a phenomenal price for a system that will make such a huge impact on your business and help you increase your sales. Compared to the cost of traditional systems, that’s practically a steal.

With an iPad POS, you can make your work-from-home business or career just as successful as any work you’ve had in the past. It’s a simple tool, but it has powerful potential.

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iPad Point of Sale System: How Does It Work?

You may already know that the iPad is a great device for watching videos, surfing the web or doing work on the go. Yet you may be surprised to learn that it can also function as a powerful point of sale system that can help you grow your business. You may be a bit skeptical at first since you may be trained to think of a POS system as the clunky cash register of old and because you may not be quite sure how an iPad POS system works.

Here’s what you need to know about how an iPad POS system works to put your mind at ease:

Inventory Management

Different iPad POS systems offer different features, but they all offer some level of inventory management. The system will show you exactly what you sell and when, and then will show you how much inventory you have left at any given time. Some systems will send you an alert when stock is reaching a certain level, and others will allow you to create rules for automatically ordering new inventory so you never run out. Better inventory management will lead to increased sales and reduced overhead expenses.

Customer Tracking

You can set up your iPad POS system to capture information with each sale. The most common method of collecting information is to ask for the customer’s e-mail. However, you may also want to ask for a phone number, a name, a zip code, or even a full address. You will have to weigh the benefits of the information against the cost of annoying your customers or lengthening the transaction time.

Detailed Reporting

By tracking all this data, your iPad POS system also has the capability to produce detailed reports that can help you glean insights about your business and whether you are moving toward meeting your goals. For example, you can get reports on sales, the average transaction amount, what number of customers are new or returning, and much more. You can use the reports to identify ways to change your business strategy to improve your sales and meet your goals.

The iPad POS system is not only powerful, but it is also easy to use. Whether you have a small or large business, you can use it to help your company grow. Consider trying one out today to learn how it can help you.

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How to Buy a POS System at an Affordable Price

When you buy a point of sale system, you don’t have to limit yourself to the bulky cash registers of bygones past. Those systems can easily cost you $15,000 or more, which is a huge chunk of change for any size business. You can easily save thousands of dollars by choosing an iPad POS instead.

Not only will you spend as little as $1,000 if you choose an iPad POS, but you’ll also gain access to many more features that can help you grow your business. However, even when shopping for an iPad POS system, you can save even more money by using these simple tips:

Do Some Comparison Shopping

Shopping around is the best way to save money on anything. Make sure you cast your net wide. Look at a variety of sites online, and go to many electronics retailers. You might find a sale or a special discount that can help you lower your costs.

If you want to buy from a specific place but find a better price somewhere else, ask the business if it matches its competitors’ prices. You may still be able to get the deal and stay with the retailer you want.

Shop the Right Time of Year

You can save money on a lot of items by simply buying them at the right time of year. You might be able to save on an iPad by shopping during the holidays – particularly the day after Thanksgiving, during the tax-free weekend, or during special holidays in which there might be sales. You could save a few hundred dollars, which can bring down the overall cost of the system.

Consider Used Models

Quality previously owned electronics can do the job just as well as newer models in most cases, and you can save a lot of money in the process. Just make sure that you buy a refurbished model that has been certified by a reputable dealer. You can feel as confident as buying new if you meet those conditions.

Buying an iPad POS system can ultimately help you save a lot of money by improving your inventory management and increasing your sales. However, you can use these tips to help you save even more money to keep your overhead low. You can comparison shop to get a deal on the POS software, as well.

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How Many Apple Products Should My POS Sync To?

Your iPad can provide a powerful framework for a point of sale system to help your business grow through more efficient management and the promotion of sales. The right applications can help you get more out of your POS system, as well as to provide more mobile options for you to access information through your iPhone or other devices.

You may find that you have a lot of options for applications that you can add to your iPad POS system and wonder how many you should actually choose. The answer is: As many as you need and no more than your system can handle. However, here are a few basic apps that you’ll probably want to sync to your iPad and your iPhone (if you own one):

The POS App

No matter what iPad POS system you choose, there should be an app that helps you manage the system. You can sync the app to your iPhone or to your computer so that you can see updated data from your POS on your other devices. That makes it easy to manage your business when you are away from the office or storefront or even when you are on vacation.

Retail Management

Additional retail management apps are available to add functionality to your iPad POS system. For example, Lightspeed allows you to do things like see detailed product information such as inventory levels, descriptions and pricing history; create invoices and purchase orders; and more. You can supplement the features that the POS system provides so that you can manage more of your operations from one location.


While the POS offers many features for you to manage your finances — such as inventory management and sales tracking — an app like QuickBooks can help you do even more. You can manage payroll, taxation, interest, and much more. You can even create budgets and monitor your progress to ensure that you are staying on track to meet your goals.

Ultimately, how many Apple products you sync to your iPad POS system will depend on what kind of tools or information you need to better manage your business. You shouldn’t overload your system with apps that it can’t handle, but otherwise, you should download as many as you need then sync them to your smart phone or computer to manage the information from anywhere.

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Customizing Your POS to Fit Your Needs

When you buy an iPad point of sale system, you gain access to many advanced features that can help you better manage your business and increase your sales. While the features that the system includes may be more than enough to help you grow your business, you may decide that some tweaks could help you get more out of the system or to use it more easily.

Customizing your iPad POS system may help. Here are a few ways that you may be able to customize your iPad POS system to fit your business’ needs:


In addition to the primary POS system application, there are many other apps that you can download to supplement the functionality of your system. For example, you might download an app that helps you better manage your finances, or one that gives you more inventory management capabilities. You can find more advanced features or those that are specific to your niche.

Sizing and Capacity

Different iPad models feature different sized displays and different storage capacities. You can choose a smaller display if you need a more compact checkout system, or you can choose a larger display if you want to make it easier for employees to serve customers quickly. Storage capacity ranges from 16GB to 128GB, allowing you to add more functionality or serve more customers as your business needs.


You can easily use an iPad POS system as a mobile checkout system. Employees can move from customer to customer throughout the store or your show booth as needed. However, if you want to make a more permanent display for a checkout counter, you can mount it. If you like the Apple look, you can mount it on plexiglass flat on the counter. If you want to create a more traditional POS look, you can mount it on a stand like a TV, positioning it vertically. You’ll need to think through how you serve your customers and what will provide a better experience for them.

The iPad POS system offers many powerful features that can help you improve your business. However, you can get even more benefit from it if you customize the interface or the way you use it. You might add some new apps to it, or you might create an eye-catching display. Of course, the features you choose in your base model can also help you get what you need.

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Using POS at Concession Stands

If you have ever worked at one, chances are that you know concession stands are one of the most high-tension service jobs that exist today. No matter where it is you are working, you are expected to deliver, fast, efficient service, instantly, to a great many people. Which is a very high stress position to be in. Everyone wants their concessions as soon as possible and will get angry the second a line gets held up or a machine breaks down, anything that keeps them from their food. Which is why it is your job to ensure that doesn’t happen. But there is only so much you can do, right? Well if you own a business that has concession stands, but it a theatre, a stadium, what have you, there is a big change you can make to your concession stands in order to speed up lines and cut down on angry customers. Investing in an iPad point of sale system for your concession stand is your ticket to smooth operations around the board, POS can help your concession stands run smoothly at little extra cost to you and here’s how.

  • Faster Payment: One large popcorn! Swipe the card on your tablet and just like that you are done. It’s that simple. No longer do your employees need to fumble with card numbers and make every customer use a pen and paper to sign their name on their receipt, (a pen that has an unusually high mortality rate mind you) Instead, with just a few swipes and few smiles, your customers can be on their way none the worse for ware, everybody’s happy.
  • Easier Transactions: Using a POS simplifies payment, not just for the customer but for the twenty or more customers that may be waiting in line, eager to make their purchases as well. How many times has someone held up an entire line trying to pay in coins, well POS eliminates the need for fumbling with the register, no longer will you have customers trying to pay with pennies infuriating you and the other customers alike making customers
  • Connectivity: And just like that, all the purchases made at all concession stores on the point of sale system are integrated, so you have complete access to financial information, storage/supplies and more. There has never been an easier way to make sure you and your employees are synchronized for maximum efficiency.
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POS At Sporting Events

There are few gatherings of humanity that are quite as chaotic as a sporting event. Thousands of people packed into a stadium, shouting, eating, drinking, and laughing. And then the moment that half-time starts, they scatter to every venue in the stadium buying food, souvenirs, anything they can get their hands on before it is time to return to their seats. Trying to make sense of something like this would be like trying to wrestle a tornado, but there are ways you and your employees can improve the experience for the devoted sports fans you know and love. You can do this by incorporating an iPad point of sale system into the functions of your concessions and souvenir stands. A POS will connect all your venues together, synchronizing inventory data, payment collection and customer data, all in an easy and well organized manner that will cut down on wait times for the fans.

Using a POS allows for quick and easy credit card swiping, this cuts down on the amount of pens lost and the amount of pins not entered properly, more importantly in turn that cuts down on the amount of angry fans who don’t have enough time to wait in line before the next half starts. With POS, one card swipe, and boom you have a happy fan walking away and a line that is starting to move again. The last thing anyone wants at a sporting event is a frozen line. Unfortunately these are all too easy to come by. Sometimes the machines break down, sometimes you’re out of a certain product and have to restock, and every once and awhile you get that one customer who absolutely needs to make their purchase in change and slow everything down. POS will establish a rhythm to everything it is connected to, and soon your sporting events will move like a well oiled machine, pulsing and flowing in an actually organized fashion.

We live in a truly amazing, digital age. POS technology is on the rise and being adopted by new businesses of all types every day. You may have thought it impossible but the advent of POS technology is making everything more convenient, its hard to believe that it can stem the tide of hungry sports fans but that’s exactly what it is designed for and it will change the game for you and your customers. So that you can stop worrying about half-time and get back to the main event.

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POS AT Flea Markets

The Flea Market is a grand American tradition that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Why is that? Well put quite simply, people love the flea market. No other place draws such a diverse crowd on such a regular basis. People go to the flea market, to shop, to explore, to spend time with their families, there isn’t much else that can claim that. And when they do find something that they want, often times it will be something they never expected to find and they’ll treasure the experience and want to return soon. It is a great way to spend both time and money. However there is a big problem in the flea market system that people are only just now becoming aware of, and that is its reliance on cash. Studies have shown that people are less likely to spend money if they have only cash so people tend to be very meticulous about what they purchase from the flea market, which can hurt you as a potential salesman. You want people to spend money at your stand, not consider it then decide not to and head off with only a vague idea of coming back later. You want to get the purchase quick and there is away that you can do that.

You should invest in an iPad and a point of sale system. This allows you to swipe credit cards from your customers, no register required. Think about just how many customers you could net with this. Not only will you be able to accept plastic, but you’ll speed up your transaction time. That way they’ll keep their energy and continue their hunt through the flea market with renewed vigor. The POS system allows your customers to buy what they want, instead of what they brought enough money to get. People appreciate this kind of service and will get to talking about you and your stand. This kind of convenience doesn’t go unnoticed, start using POS and before you know it your stand and stands like yours that invested wisely in this tech will be getting the most customers, because that’s where they know the easy checkout and convenient purchases are going to happen. Business all over the country are investing in a point of sale system to make their lives and their customers lives a little bit easier, why shouldn’t that extend to the flea market?

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