Using an iPad POS for Charity Events

The right planning is key to success at your charity event. You need to create the right marketing, the right event and the right program to get the maximum exposure and solicit the maximum amount of donations.

One often overlooked part of charity events is the system for accepting payments. Most organizers just assume they’ll go around collecting cash or checks. However, if you really want to improve the success of your event, you should plan to use an iPad POS. Here are a few reasons why it will help:

Take More Forms of Payment

With an iPad POS, you don’t have to limit yourself to cash or checks. You can also accept donations from credit cards. You’ll finally have an answer to all those people who say, “I don’t have any cash on me!” or “I forgot the checkbook.” By being able to take more forms of payment, you’ll be able to increase the amount of donations you collect.

Take Donations on the Spot

Many people will promise to send in a donation after the event is over. They may intend to do just that, but then they may forget, or other things may come up. Other people may use that as an excuse and never have any intention of sending in their donation.

By using an iPad POS system, you can take donations right on the spot. You’ll increase your collection rate, and you’ll provide the friendly nudge to convince others to make a donation if they were on the fence. It’s a little hard to argue with a blinking cursor ready to take your payment details.

Collect Donor Information

An iPad POS system also gives you solutions for lead generation. In addition to collecting donations, you can collect donor information, such as their names and contact details. You can use this information to solicit future donations or to spread the word about future events. This lead generation can be worth more than the donation itself since it can lead to ongoing fundraising success.

Consider getting an iPad POS to use at your next charity event. You’ll increase the amount of donations you collect at the event, and you’ll be able to get the leads you need to make all your future fundraising efforts a success, as well. It’s a small investment that can have a big return for your charity.

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Traditional Register vs. an iPad POS

If you are going to sell products and services direct to your customer and not just online, you are going to need a good point-of-sale system. You have two primary options for your POS system: A traditional POS or an iPad POS. There are many differences between the two, and the best choice for your business depends on your needs and budget.

Here’s what you need to know about the differences between a traditional register POS and an iPad POS:


A traditional register POS can be quite a bulky piece of equipment. It’s a big, square machine that dwarfs even many old-school desktop computers. The register usually includes a cash drawer, which can account for a good deal of its bulk.

On the other hand, an iPad POS is small and fits in the palm of your hand. It weighs a little more than one pound. Even if you mount it on a display, it won’t take up much space. You’ll have more control over the layout of your business and won’t have to clutter up your space with equipment. You can also move the POS anywhere you need it.


A traditional POS can cost upwards of $20,000, depending on the model and the features it includes. This can be quite a burden for some small businesses or those that are just starting out.

An iPad costs less than $1,000. How much you pay for the POS software depends on the company that provides it and what kind of features it includes. However, you can expect to pay a fraction of the price of a traditional register POS.


Some of the biggest differences between a traditional register and an iPad POS are the features included. For the most part, a register POS won’t be able to do much more than process payments and apply discounts. If it’s connected to a computer, it may also have the ability to look up inventory.

In contrast, an iPad POS has many more features that you can use to manage and grow your business. Some systems will monitor your inventory and automatically submit orders to keep stock at certain levels. Some will also offer marketing features, such as the ability to create custom coupons or e-mail campaigns.

Before you decide on the right POS for your business, make sure you carefully consider all the benefits of each. In most cases, you will benefit more from the new technology that the iPad POS offers.

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How the POS Has Improved Just in the Last Few Years

The point-of-sale systems of the past were clunky, oversized machines that included a lot of bells and whistles – literal bells and whistles, not amazing features. They have evolved into more streamlined machines over the years. However, they have evolved rapidly in the last few years, producing some high-quality machines that can help you meet your business goals.

Here are a few ways that POS systems have improved in just the last few years:

Lighter and More Mobile

The prevailing trend for technology seems to be that it gets smaller and lighter. The same holds true for POS systems. An iPad POS weighs just over a pound, and it can be used anywhere that you can pick up a wi-fi or network signal.

You can use the iPad POS to serve customers at trade shows and community events. You can even give several of your customer service representatives their own unit, allowing them to serve customers throughout the store and eliminating long lines.

Less Expensive

In the past, you could expect to spend up to $20,000 on a POS system. You didn’t have many options outside that price range. Now, you can buy a POS system for as little as $1,000. The iPad POS system costs around $1,000 for both the unit and the software. You could pick up several units for the same price as a traditional POS system.

More Powerful

Today’s POS systems can do much more than process payments. Some can collect customer contact information, monitor inventory, create invoices, and allow you to tailor your marketing campaigns with custom newsletters, coupons and more. The very best systems will provide all those features. These systems can help you save money and increase sales, securing the success of your business for the long term.

If you haven’t shopped for a POS system in a long time, you may be surprised to learn what the new technology can offer you. Today’s systems can help you manage many more aspects of your business. At the same time, they are less expensive and more portable. They aren’t just simple tools any more. They are powerful agents that can help you secure your long-term success.

Research your options and find the POS system that can help you start meeting your business goals. You’ll be amazed at what today’s POS systems can do.

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How a POS Can Save You Time and Money by Tracking Business Inventory

The right tools can make all the difference to the success of your business. With the right point-of-sale system, you aren’t just getting a way to process your credit card payments or manage your cash. You are also getting a powerful machine that can help you nurture relationships with your clients, improve your marketing and streamline your inventory management.

Here are just a few ways that the right POS system can save you time and money by tracking your business inventory:

Maintain Stock Levels

When business is booming, there’s one thing that can bring it all to a screeching halt: You run out of stock. You can’t sell what you don’t have, and many customers aren’t willing to wait for a new order. They would rather go somewhere else to get the same thing as soon as they want it.

With the right POS system, you can create rules to automatically order stock once it falls below a certain level. You won’t have to worry about ever running out of the things you need again.

Prevent Overstocking

While you don’t want to run out of the hot sellers, you also don’t want to over stock the items that aren’t selling as well. You’ll be losing money by investing capital in products that aren’t selling. At the same time, the fully stocked shelves may create the impression that the item is not that special, creating even less demand.

A good POS system will monitor your inventory and help you prevent overstocking. The system won’t re-order items if you still have minimum levels that you have already defined.

Quickly Get Information

When you need to find information about your inventory, the right POS system can allow you to look it up quickly, saving a lot of time. You can quickly look up the information by tapping in a few keystrokes. You won’t have to spend an afternoon sorting through your paperwork or walking through your warehouse to find what you need.

Inventory management is one of the most important aspects of running your business. Make sure you have the right POS to help you better manage your inventory to save you time and money. Consider an iPad POS, which can help you set rules for automatic ordering and allows you to monitor your inventory easily.

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How You Can Sell Your Products ANYwhere

You don’t have to have a brick-and-mortar store to connect with customers or to sell your products. Of course, creating a great website can help you reach customers around the world. However, if you want to sell your products in person, a few simple tools and strategies can help you do so anywhere you want.

Here are a few things you need to sell your products anywhere:

An iPad POS

One of the most important things you need to process sales is a point-of-sale system. If you are set up in a store, you can use a traditional register. However, if you want to have some mobility, you need something that’s more portable. An iPad POS will allow you to accept more payment types whether you are selling at a farmer’s market or a trade show.

Giving your customers more ways to pay will increase your sales significantly. Using a POS will also give your customers the confidence to pay.

The Right Display

The right display makes all the difference to encouraging your customers to buy. Even if your products are great, your customers won’t buy them if they aren’t presented attractively.

Invest in displays that you can easily transport and set up in new places. Make your display look just as professional as it would in a permanent, glass case. The impression you make will have a big impact on your potential sales.

The Right Packaging

When you do make a sale, the transaction isn’t over. You want to send your product home in the right packaging, as well. The packaging should not only keep the product safe, it should also make a good impression. The right packaging can also provide free advertising for others who see it.

Create the right packaging for each product you intend to sell. Consider options for shipping products, as well, for those who don’t want to take them home that day.

You don’t have to be limited to your physical location to sell your products. You can meet your customers anywhere they are if you have the right tools and setup. Investing in an iPad POS is one of the best things you can do to make your business mobile. Creating the right displays and packaging can help you make the right impression and drive sales even higher. You’ll find success whether you are in your store or are at a community festival.

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How a POS Can Improve Your Client Relations and Sales

You need a point-of-sale system to process payments and keep your business humming. However, the right POS system does much more than process credit card transactions. With the right POS system, you can increase your sales and improve your client relations.

Here’s how the right POS technology can help your business, no matter how large or small it is:

Provide More Payment Options

The easiest way that the right POS system can help your business increase sales is to offer your customers more forms of payment. This is especially important for smaller vendors, who may only operate at trade shows or farmer’s markets, or who do not have the budget for the high transaction fees that credit card companies charge.

An iPad POS allows you to accept any kind of payment and can be used in any venue, including community festivals and trade shows. You can give customers the confidence to buy, and you can increase your sales exponentially.

Nurture Leads

With some POS systems, like the iPad POS, you can capture leads when you make sales. For example, you may ask for the person’s e-mail address or phone number. You can then set up a lead-nurturing campaign to maintain top-of-mind awareness for your brand. That may include an auto-responder e-mail campaign or making regular calls to find out what services you may be able to offer your clients. Those leads can turn into ongoing sales.

Improve Marketing

The right POS system can allow you to track sales for a particular customer. You can use that information and combine it with your lead-generation campaign to create a marketing strategy that is more tailored. You may be able to generate discounts or special offers for products you know they enjoy or that are related to previous products they purchased. You may be able to send special offers on their birthday or on the anniversary of their first transaction with your company.

The more tailored you can make your marketing, the more effective it will be. You’ll increase your sales and get a bigger return on your investment, helping you to increase your overall profitability.

Picking the right POS system can have a big impact on your business. The right system can help you to improve your client relations and increase your sales, ensuring the long-term success of your business.

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What an iPad POS Can Do for Your Bakery

Every tool, every piece of equipment, and every piece of software you choose for your bakery can have an impact on its success. That is especially true for your point-of-sale system, or POS system.

The iPad POS system has many benefits for bakeries, both large and small. Whether you are running a niche operation from a farmer’s market or you hope to distribute your goods around the country, here are a few ways that the iPad POS can benefit your bakery:

Increase Sales

The iPad POS system allows you to accept all kinds of payments, even if you don’t have a vendor account with the major credit card companies. Being able to accept more payment types will help to increase your sales, which will help ensure the success of your business. Being able to accept payments on an official POS system – and not just through your paypal account – will also give customers the confidence to pay, which can help increase sales, as well.

Lower Overhead

Many iPad POS systems also help you to manage your inventory, which can help you to reduce waste and lower your overhead. This is especially important in a bakery, where ordering too much of some ingredients can lead to spoiling and order too few of some ingredients can lead to lost sales.

The right iPad POS system can help you monitor sales and automatically order the appropriate inventory to keep the levels you need. You’ll lower your overhead and increase your profits, helping secure the success of your business.

Improve Marketing

Marketing is key to the success of your bakery, no matter how big or small it is. Many iPad POS systems include tools to help you improve your marketing efforts. For example, you may be able to capture e-mail addresses from customers to create a lead-generation campaign. You may be able to set up a customer loyalty program to encourage ongoing sales. You may even be able to produce discount codes and coupons that are specific to a customer’s interests, based on their buying history.

The iPad POS system is a powerful piece of technology that can make a big difference to your bakery. The technology costs far less than a traditional POS system, so it is also more accessible to smaller bakeries or those who are struggling to raise capital. Consider using an iPad POS system for your bakery and see the difference it can make.

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Top Tools to Succeed at the Farmer’s Market

The local foods movement has made farmer’s markets very popular right now. If you sell organic produce and grass-fed or pasture-raised meats, you are positioned to attract even more customers and make even more sales.

While your products are your most important commodities, you’ll need more if you want to be successful. You’ll also need the right tools to market your business and make your operations more profitable. Here are a few of the top tools to help you succeed at the farmer’s market:

iPad POS

Your iPad can do a whole lot more than download apps and stream movies. It can also operate as a powerful point-of-sale system. The iPad POS is especially well suited for vendors at farmer’s markets because it provides the mobility they need. Vendors don’t need to plug in the iPad. They can make sales anywhere at the market.

Having the iPad POS will also increase sales because it gives you the option to accept credit cards, not just cash or checks.


The right apps can help any business meet its goals. Farmers can create apps that showcase what produce is in season or what they will have at the next market. They can also create apps that allow customers to order from their CSA, that share recipe ideas based on produce that’s in season, and more.

Apps that are both creative and practical will have the most success. Think of how you can provide solutions for your customers, and you will land on a great idea to promote your farm.

E-mail List

Most farmer’s markets will do their own marketing and promotion, which will benefit all their vendors. However, savvy farmers who really want to drive traffic to their booths will start an e-mail list. You can do this the old-fashioned way with a clipboard and sheet of paper, or you can use your iPad POS to generate the leads. Send out notices about when you’ll be at the market, what you’ll have, and what specials you are offering. Give list members special deals to keep them subscribed.

Farmer’s markets may seem simple and low-key, but they are a business venture, just like a brick-and-mortar store. Use these tools to increase your chances of success at the farmer’s market and beyond. You’ll soon have one of the biggest booths at the market.

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How an iPad POS can Save Your Business Money

The tools you buy for your business aren’t just functional. The right tools don’t just get the job done – they also offer you a number of other benefits, including saving you money. From your restaurant dishwasher to your office computer, the equipment you choose should help you meet your goals while also saving you money.

The iPad POS system is one of the best investments to help you lower your bottom line. Here are a few ways that an iPad POS can save your business money:

Lower Initial Cost

Compared to a traditional point-of-sale system, the iPad POS system costs far less money. A clunky cash register can cost thousands of dollars, while an iPad can cost a few hundred dollars on its own. You will have to pay for the POS service, but the overall cost will still be far less than a traditional system. This is especially useful when you are a small business just starting out, but choosing the iPad POS can save any business a lot of money.

Maintain Appropriate Inventory Levels

Keeping the right inventory levels is key to maintaining your finances, especially when you work in a restaurant or other food business. An iPad POS can monitor your inventory to keep it at the appropriate levels. You can set rules so that the system automatically orders inventory when it falls below a certain level or won’t order any more if a certain amount is already on hand. You’ll be able to minimize waste, especially from items that spoil, like food.

Improve Your ROI

Marketing is key to promoting the success of your business. Many iPad POS systems include tools to enhance your marketing campaign and increase your overall ROI. For example, you might be able to collect customer e-mail addresses during a sale, which you can use to create an effective e-mail marketing campaign. You’ll save money because you won’t have to invest hundreds in marketing to get those e-mail addresses, and you’ll increase your ROI by getting the information you need to tailor your advertising campaigns.

The simple choice of what system to use for processing payments can have a big impact on your business. By switching to an iPad POS, you can save your business a lot of money while also promoting your success and increasing your ROI.

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Top Reasons to Use an iPad POS

The iPad is no longer just a novelty for personal entertainment. As the technology has advanced, so have its applications, and it can now be used as a powerful tool for businesses. One of the top uses of the iPad is as a point-of-sale system. You may have noticed these at businesses from diners to drive-in movie theaters. (Yes, those still exist.)

No matter what kind of business you own or how large your business, using an iPad POS can benefit you. Here are just some of the top reasons to start using an iPad POS system if you aren’t already:


A traditional point-of-sale system can cost you thousands of dollars. However, a single iPad costs just a few hundred dollars, not counting the price of the software. When you’re just starting out, that’s a savings that can protect your business. Even if you have been in business for years, that’s a savings that can help you lower your overhead costs and protect your bottom line.


Large, bulky cash registers can’t go anywhere without some serious grunt work or special equipment. On the other hand, an iPad POS is lightweight and portable. You can take it anywhere you go. That means that you can ring up sales at festivals, trade shows, farmer’s markets and more. It also means that you can move about your restaurant or boutique, ringing up customers quickly and reducing their wait times. The more iPads you can afford to buy, the faster you can make the checkout process for your customers.


The iPad POS system can do much more than process credit cards. Some systems can monitor inventory levels, create invoices, collect customer information, send e-mail campaigns and more. Instead of getting just a payment system, you get a business assistant that can help you manage your sales and market your brand. It delivers a powerful return on your investment month after month and year after year.

Advances in technology are only making it easier for you to succeed with your business. The iPad may have started out as a personal entertainment device, but it has quickly become an essential tool for businesses. Consider investing in an iPad POS system to get the functionality and versatility you need on the budget you set. You’ll soon start getting the sales you need to make your business a success.

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