Aptito & Poynt partnered up to provide restaurants with the most robust POS Solution using the latest
technology available. By using Aptito’s POS through Poynt’s smart terminals, business owners can
finally accept payments anywhere.

EMV Built-In
Connect With 3G, WiFi or Both
Extended Battery Life
Built-in Receipt Printer
Full POS Solution
Accept Payments Anywhere
Print, Email or Text Receipts
The Most Advanced Hardware

Process payments quickly with ease

You can process various of payment with the Poynt smart terminal

Chip (EMV)

EMV compliant, giving you peace of mind when processing credit and debit.

Magnetic stripe

All typical swipe cards can be processed for payment with Poynt with no hassle.


NFC Ready, allow your customers the option of paying through Apple Pay, Android Pay and more.

A robust pos solution

Power your entire restaurant by combining Poynt's Smart Terminals with Aptito's Restaurant POS


Key Features:
Easy to setup and use
Most affordable POS system on the market
Operate without internet using Offline Mode
Smart inventory tracks and manages items in auto-pilot
And much more...

Aptito Restaurant POS

Seamless integration for specific
solutions for your business

Quick Service
Restaurant POS

Through the partnership of Aptito and Poynt we offer QSRs with the latest technology in the POS market through Poynt’s Smart Terminals while using Aptito’s dedicated POS solution.

  • Increase Your Table Turnover Rate
  • Keep up to 100% of Your Revenue
  • Accept Payments Anywhere
  • Multiple Checkout Points
  • Complete POS Solution
  • Increase Your Margins

Full Service
Restaurant POS

With this new partnership, Fine Dining Restaurants now have the latest Smart Terminals along with the most robust FSRs POS solution

  • Get Rid of Monthly Processing Fees
  • Customized POS for Your Concept
  • Synced Back & Front of House
  • Accept All Types of Payments
  • Easy to Use POS
  • Pay-at-table Ready

Self order kiosk

Used alongside Poynt Smart Terminals, our Kiosks are agreat addition to various types of businesses

Increase The Accuracy of Your Orders
Create Multiple Checkout Points
Decrease The Cost of Labor
Serve More Customers
Reduce Wait Times
Sell More
Aptito Self Order Kiosk

Aptito's kiosks make a great addition for:

Concerts/Events Food Trucks Retail Gas stations Hotels Entertainment Venues

Become a part of our zero pay program


With our Zero Pay program restaurants now keep 100% of the revenue while staying in compliance by offering a cash discount to their customers paying with cash while implementing a service fee to all those paying with credit cards.

Keep up to 100% of your revenue
Pay a Flat Monthly Subscription Fee
Comply With all Regulations
Offer a Cash Discount
Increase Your Margins