POS iPad SystemThe new POS iPad digital point-of-sale system is a welcome addition to Japanese fast casual restaurant, Sakae Sushi, a Singaporean-founded chain known both for its strategically positioned continuous kaiten of sushi dishes (conveyor belt sushi) on color-coded plates (the four colors –purple, yellow, green, and red — identify the price of the dish) and its sushi robot that makes the uniform sushi rice balls.

About a 30 minute drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sakae Sushi’s location at The Curve — the acclaimed lifestyle pedestrian shopping mall in Mutiara Damansara, Jaya, Malaysia — is one of the global Japanese sushi chain’s thirteen outlets in the country and one of only three of its Malaysian outlets to begin using the POS iPad.

Sakae, pronounced ‘sa-ka-ae,’ means growth in Japanese, but Sakae’s goal is to make the name synonymous with sushi.  Enter the POS iPad.

The POS iPad presents Sakae Sushi’s extensive menu of 200+ varieties of sushi (cooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients) and sashimi (raw sliced meat), as well as teppanyaki (grilled meats and vegetables), yakimono (grilled and pan-fried dishes), yakitori (barbecued chicken), nabemono (one pot “steamboat” dishes), tempura (battered, deep-fried seafood and vegetables), agemono (deep-fried dishes), ramen / soba (thin noodles), udon (thick noodles) and donburi (rice bowl) dishes, and a variety of tempting desserts, all in vivid, mouthwatering color on a digital menu display — providing a visual feast for guests before they place their order. (To learn why science says this is a magic recipe for up-selling, be sure to read our previous blog post, “Aptito asks, ‘What Can an iPad Food Menu do for You?’”)

Mounted in sleek, white, tabletop stands, the POS iPad has enhanced the dining experience for guests at the sushi chain. The interactive Apple POS system enables guests to view a picture and a brief description of each item on Sakae Sushi’s menu. The pictures are so lifelike they make Sakae’s guests hungry.

Sakae’s guests can use the POS iPad to navigate the restaurant’s entire digital menu or search the iPad menu by one or more keywords (including the Japanese terms, for which there are delightfully depicted definitions), zoom in for a closer look at individual dishes, use the touchscreen interface to select desired items, quickly and easily modify their order by adding or removing dishes from their ‘shopping cart,’ send their order directly to the kitchen, track the status of each dish, and review and settle their bill with the cashier.

According to the chain’s senior marketing manager, Yew June, the POS iPad has also dramatically improved the restaurant’s accuracy and efficiency — reducing serving time by a staggering thirty to forty percent and freeing staff to focus on customer service.


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