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Cash Registers to be Replaced with iPads?2 min read

The future literally is upon us, and is entirely in full force, bringing to us so much technological goodness – inclusive, of software, toys, gadgets and tools – that living in the “here and now” is pretty invigorating, given all of the recent procurements that we have been able to witness in just the past two decades.Now, the next big leap for many businesses is eradicating antiquated cash registers with newer, more innovative and hi-tech iPads that are equipped with a streamlined and wireless, totally secure POS system.

A newer mobile payments startup called Square is the proprietor of such technology. The company, cofounded by the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has set its sights on the future of tendering payment via iPads with a new technology that allows merchants to receive payment and customer information via iPads.

The customers must create an account on Square for their smart phone (they have free nifty apps, too) or iPad tablet. Then the businesses that wish to participate also must create an account for customers. If, say, a customer is shopping somewhere, they can whip out their smart phone or tablet and tap the Square icon to tender payment. The software emails them a receipt instantly.

This technology is newer, but has already been done by Apple, which features a similar technology in all of their Apple stores.

In a statement released to the press, Dorsey said, “Today we want to take away all of this clutter, all of the paper, all of the mess, and get rid of the takeout menu, get rid of the loyalty card, get rid of the receipts, and merge all of this mess and replace it with one clean digital card.”

Similarly, Aptito digital menus use iPads to provide restaurants with an interactive way for customers to browse menu items, request service or a waiter, preview wine lists, place orders and even tender payment. Dorsey’s idea is indeed a genuine next step in the right direction for modern day businesses operating in the digital world of tomorrow.

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