Posted 5 years ago by Jane Sea

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Anyone paying even a little attention to advertising these days — on the Internet, TV, radio, magazines, newspapers would have to be completely disconnected not to notice how advertising has morphed over the last five or so years. With so many commercials consisting of audio and images that barely linger long enough for viewers to figure them out, catchy, seemingly unrelated phrases and symbols, it can be impossible to determine exactly what the product is. Particularly for TV viewers, the good news is that many of today’s commercial “interruptions” are, in many ways, just as entertaining — if not more, than the program they’re watching. The problem occurs when you’ve seen the same commercial over and over that you regard it as a drudgery. New ploys are always being created to separate you from your money in conference rooms of ad agencies, around the clock.

New Maxims

Where the standard of “if it isn’t creative, it won’t sell” has been the theme of most ad campaigns for a long while, the converse holds true, with :if it won’t sell, it isn’t creative” helps to address the issue even better. There was a time when every commodity — goods and services included had to stand on their individual values — quality, dependability, service and longevity. While those elements still crop up as important issues from time to time, it appears that selling has truly become the responsibility of creativity (and creativity beholding to the minds of the ad agencies that are doing more than just making budget). This is where it gets complicated: Only the most brilliant minds can produce the level of creativity needed to sell.

The Role of POS in a Creativity-Driven Society

The effectiveness of any attempt at creativity depends on information-driven planning and strategies. POS technology is the most capable system for capturing, organizing and managing the marketing based data collected from research including mixed consumer surveys, for which businesses typically pay big dollar. Every measure of promotion must be couched underneath a comprehensive umbrella that protects a coherent campaign consisting of multilayers of thoughtfully formed strategies. POS technology can make this happen in the most fluid of ways.

What Nobody Wants

In thinking about the companies and businesses that are responsible for them — AKA, the companies wanting our business by engaging in such tactics — how do you perceive them? You know, those ads, emails and pop-ups that never sleep. We’ve all seen them, dealt with them and felt irritated at having to deal with them. The methods they use are invasive, bold, irritating and seem to be desperate to garner business, with no particular desire to cultivate anything personal. Your POS system will always save you from the plight these other companies live by. With POS technology as the way you offer your incentives, rewards and more, you can sustain the high esteem of your operations, thereby distinguishing your business as valuable to consumers. It doesn’t get more creative than this.