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Digital Menus Can Put Your Restaurant in the Hotseat!2 min read

The future has so many promising technologies, and so many different and emerging innovations that it can be truly hard to keep track of them all. There are some sectors that have realized some most certain accolades in just the past ten years alone. Now there are micro-sized MP3 players like the Nano, which allow you to store a few gigs of memory and 100s of your favorite songs in a device so small it can be difficult to keep track of it. Then there are tablet PCs and iPads—nifty touch screen devices that we used to fantasize about in the 80s and the early 90s, but that have now become a reality.

In par with the technological advancement of the digital age are other cool perks, like massive social media sites that you can update from a nifty app on your smart phone. Or on board car computers that tell you where the cheapest gas is and offer turn-by-turn directions so you can get there the fastest. Indeed, even computers are shrinking, and by comparison, most households have super computers when compared to the computing devices that we had only ten years ago.

In short: That idyllic and technology-powered and super-advanced future we’ve always dreamed about is finally here. It’s right now! So here is one question that just needs to be asked because it’s of relevance to the technological status quo and evolution: Why are restaurants still featuring outdated and static, boring paper menus?

Well no longer is this a conundrum that restaurants need to face. In fact, with Aptito digital menus, you can easily upgrade your restaurant to the next generation; the digital revolution. Bluntly put, even fast food restaurants now feature digital menus, but most normal restaurants with high quality food and service don’t? Why is this?

How have fast food conglomerates surpassed the menus that real restaurants offer?

Well we say NO MORE!

Aptito digital menus are the next evolutionary step for restaurants that are seeking to increase customer awareness and loyalty, and offer their valued guests a modern and interactive way to order food and receive personalized and interactive service; our digital menus work in tandem with any existing POS system and we offer free Smart Phone applications that work on iPhones so you can start seeing results right now!

One question to consider is: Do you want your customers returning back to you, or dining at the place next door because they are able to browse a menu from their handset and even place an order and invite their friends to join them? How can you afford not upgrade your restaurant to the 21st century? Aptito’s digital menu services are easy and fun to use…and the service is FREE!

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