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Digital Menus with Interactive Wine Lists Gaining Popularity at Bone’s Steakhouse in Atlanta2 min read

At Bone’s, a popular upscale steakhouse in Atlanta, patrons now get to enjoy choosing old school wine from a new school menu. The newest trend to be seen in the hospitality industry – an industry that usually sees food trends and flavor trends – are touch screen iPad menus that house extensive and interactive wine lists. Now, patrons who are seated in this refined establishment are able to browse the wine list after being seated by using a sleek looking and attractive iPad tablet.

The iPad tablets offer an interactive digital menu that contains more than 1,350 different bottles of wine that the steakhouse offers. The interface is very easy-to-use and to navigate, and once patrons familiarize themselves with the touch screen buttons, they can search for wines by name, varietal, region, and price.

Recently featured in the New York Times (Click Here to Read Full NY Times Article), the owners of Bone’s say that their wine sales skyrocketed overnight thanks to their new digital menus. In fact, wine sales were up an average of 11% from the week prior, making this new strategy of offering electronic menus for wine lists a roaring success, and right from the get-go.

Another added plus to these newer wine menus is that guests who know little about wines can enjoy learning more, and can more easily make a proper selection that will compliment the flavor and notes of their meal.

According to Bob Reno, the wine steward at Bone’s, the menus have some patrons relying upon them as opposed to getting an opinion from expert waiting staff on pairing wines with food. Yet, they offer an elegant and interactive method of connecting guests to the establishment’s 20,000 bottle wine inventory, and at the touch of a screen.

Still, Reno is bewildered by their immense popularity.

“With the information on the device, they seem more apt to experiment by buying a different varietal or going outside their price range,” Reno said in an interview with NY Times. “It stuns me, but they seem to trust the device more than they trust me, and these are people I’ve waited on for 10 years.”

A long time customer of the restaurant, Kevin J. Burns, told the NY Times that he really liked the new digital menus. “It’s fabulous to be able to understand not just the prices but the flavors and the nose and the winemaker’s comments,” he said. “The technology allows you to do a heck of a lot more with a wine list than we ever have before.”

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