Posted 4 years ago by Jane Sea

Dispelling a Big POS MYTH: This Technology Enhances Human Touch Services2 min read

An initial misconception regarding just what POS technology is can delay a business from a quicker migration over to streamlined operational reliance on POS system technology. One that tends to be expressed the most frequently has to do with the manner in which every business’ POS system solution can cover such a streamlined expanse of time and labor-consuming tasks. A closer look at the way it works will quickly resolve any issues about this amazing technology being able to displace the human element, and in the restaurant industry, this would mean the server. Thanks to the design enabling such a far reaching variety of customizing capabilities, the move to POS technology would be pointless without humans covering all points and junctures. It’s humans who set up the POS system, based on the tasks, goals and responsibilities that have always taken the most time and prevented these same humans from being more visible within the front end operations, and more available for the jewel of commerce: attentive customer relations.

POS Delivers More of a Human Touch, Not Less

The quickly spreading popularity among small to mid-sized businesses to move to POS solutions has a lot to do with how these systems are so vastly innovative at removing all the headaches from operations. One of the first industries to offer POS technology to the public with a self-serving format has been the restaurant and foodservice sector. Restaurants incorporating POS self-ordering for their customers are not cutting back in service. What they are doing is giving their customers more power, more choices, more information and improved speed of all transactions, from ordering, to paying their bill. Then servers are freed up to deliver food to tables more expediently, produce refills, bring extra condiments and such, and be more visible on the floor, if needed. POiS technology is all about enabling staff to more fully focus on serving customers with the highest possible quality, without the pressure of being too task-laden at any particular time. Efficiency is streamlined, and every POS solution translates into more satisfied customers.

It’s Giving Consumers What They Want

Among the user-capabilities most desired by consumers is the ability to customize their orders, and particularly with the full color photographic representations to help them in their selections. They appreciate being able to order as soon as they’re ready, without a protracted wait time. The manner in which the POS system can immediately split the bill exactly according to even the oddest imbalance of requests, and at the same time, accept multiple forms of payment all at one time. Currently the prevalence of self-service systems is concentrated within mostly casual to fast casual dining establishments, though POS technology is replacing many other areas of operations in other restaurants that are simply foregoing self service at this point. All the while, a growing number of consumers will be expecting to be given access to this shopping and ordering technology in the days and months to come