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Handheld Digital Menus for Spreading the Word2 min read

We all know that a picture is worth 1000 words … but what about handheld digital menus that have high resolution pictures and social media sharing channels on them? How many words, people and free advertising are they worth?

In the past, restaurants that had pictures on their menus were not really deemed be to be that high class or gourmet. That’s because the only way that a menu could present a picture was on those gnarly high glossed ones, like you would find at diners. Sure, some places had okay looking picture menus, but the high class establishments would never use such tasteless menus. But with the advent of handheld digital menus, that’s all changing, and for the better.

If you were to be dining at, say, a five star steakhouse, and you were promptly seated and instead of being handed the typical carbon copy static — often leather bound at these places — menus, the server instead offered you a handheld digital menu … can you imagine how exciting that would be to simply touch the screen and see shots of the different cuts, learn about the history of steak, find out what wines pair best with what cuts and why?

The handheld digital menus may even have a place that shows you where the beef comes from, and how well the bovine are cared for prior to slaughter. It might even provide you with streaming news, and a social media app that allows you to share your thoughts on the meal with your friends.

Placing the order would be simple: just select the cut you want from the handheld digital menus and then enter or specify your cooking preferences. Order your sides in the same manner, and then pair a nice wine or beer to it.

Need a waiter? No problem: touch the “waiter” button on the handheld digital menus and your every need is tended to. Don’t want to wait for the check? Simply pay on the handheld digital menus using your credit card.

So now that you get the gist of why handheld digital menus can really wow people – imagine how many friends they would tell via email, Facebook, Twitter, and so on? When a person is truly impressed, they tell everyone. Thanks to social media, that’s a lot of people telling a lot of people who in turn tell? You guessed it: A LOT OF PEOPLE!

In short: handheld digital menus not only impress your guests and keep them coming back, but they tell their friends, who in turn tell their friends, and as you can see, the trickle down effect can equate to 1000s of people suddenly being informed about your establishment.

Can your paper menus do that?