One of the facets emerging at the forefront of the digital age is a constant in your face delivery of the “snooze you lose” message. With everything to gain and nothing to lose, pretty soon, it’s going to be that the only businesses being able to sustain their presence within this market will be the ones that bit the bullet, caught the train and dove in, feet first into full reliance on today’s new systems of managing every element of operations and the customers they attract. Time has just become too valuable a commodity to not make the move to what technology has managed to establish as absolute necessities for staying afloat in a time-starved culture – and a time starved world, actually.

Hidden Issues With Staff Increases

With any business increase of true lasting value, there must be an associated rise in the number of consumers served, and if your operations are fairly already extended to the max, the increase of customers must necessitate the hiring of more staff. With adding staff, there’s the matter of providing adequate training and entry, more expansive payroll (and all the particulars that are entailed along with it.) Scheduling becomes more complex, and sufficiently covering every shift managerially speaking comes with new responsibilities. The larger the number of employees can increase the potential for profit loss from both employee error and employee misappropriations (AKA theft.) Somewhere along there, what began as an effort to simply serve a growing customer base seems to have turned into little more than a big, fat problem. At least it would have been, before the POS age, that is.

The Aptito Difference

POS technology delivered commerce from the dark ages and promptly delivered it to a much needed modernized approach, and that worked fine for a while. It takes the greater commitment found in performance leaders like Aptito to make sure that the level of performance offered by any POS technology is capable of surpassing what worked yesterday, with a continued commitment to remaining on the leading edge of new truly advantageous business functionality. In understanding the complexities involved in sales growth missions – especially those to attract more customers (and thereby increase the number of checkouts,) Aptito has your back. Much of the draw toward POS (for everything from ordering to checkout and inventory management) has to do with the way it is a superior form of substitute for what used to require hiring more employees. Your Aptito POS can handle the job of several extra staff members, and with lightning speed and accuracy.

Eliminating the Middle Man, so to Speak

From tabletop iPads to freestanding customer kiosks, the customers can place their order – immediately to be received by the kitchen, where every order is prepared with superior management of serving orders in the succession by which they were ordered. There’s no returning server 10 minutes later to inform you that the item your ordered is sold out or unavailable, as the tracking POS uses prevents unavailable menu items from eve being ordered in the first place. The server is able to concentrate on the service end of the gig, with a lot of time consuming conversation and Q & A resolved by the photographs and detailed descriptions on each table’s iPad. With less ordering errors (because the order is keyed in by the customer,) even more time is saved. The more ability your servers have to serve and check on customers, the more pleasurable the dining experience.

How This Plays Out at Checkout

Your Aptito is equipped to handle checkout, with even details covered like splitting bills however requested, adding in tips and immediately. There’s no waiting for your server to return with your card – in fact you keep your card or iPhone the entire time. The established public is quickly learning how to operate this technology and the up and coming crowd expects it. With Aptito, you can be confident that you are covered to handle more transactions with ease.