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Nation’s Restaurant News Reports: Au Bon Pain Unveils iPad Restaurant Menus at Select Locations2 min read

Nation’s Restaurant News reports that Au Bon Pain, a very popular bakery that is based out of Boston, has revealed its plans for a new design for their stores and their menus, by implementing iPad restaurant menus to streamline customer service and convenience.

The next time you are dining at Au Bon Pain in Boston or surrounding areas, you might notice a few things that are quite different from your last visit.

According to a recent news report that was published by Nation’s Restaurant News , the bakery/café has redesigned the interiors of many of its locations to be more inviting to customers, including testing out iPad restaurant menus as devices to replace paper pads that are normally used to order; something the restaurant says it’s testing to see if the iPad restaurant menus will increase customer service, sales and more importantly, attract customers with the elegant digital design and futuristic appeal and aesthetic.

In an early June Press Release that was published by SYS-CON MEDIA, the franchise said, “Au Bon Pain operates 318 cafe bakeries in urban locations, serving the time sensitive, but discerning guest with delicious foods in a quick and convenient format. The vibrant café remodels include a new sandwich suite and fresh tossed salad station, and layouts have been redesigned to speed service, particularly at the sandwich bar, where a more efficient ordering process utilizing iPads [iPad restaurant menus] is being tested at several locations.”

Sue Morelli, Chief Executive Officer, told the press that, “Au Bon Pain has established a strong record of performance, and we continue to innovate and invest in order to improve the quality and convenience of our guest experience.”

The redesign of the café chain includes updating and improving the interior of many locations, adding a new and sleek orange and green accent to compliment the yellow interior.

Guests who visit select locations will enjoy getting to use state-of-the-art iPad restaurant menus to order their meals, as opposed to the obsolete paper pads that Au Bon Pain has been using.

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