Posted 7 months ago by Andrey Pechatnikov

Released version 2.32.40. Apps: POS, mPOS, Menu, Kiosk, Global Kiosk1 min read

POS, mPOS, Menu, Kiosk, Global Kiosk:

1. Added tips on order screen for Menu/Kiosk/External kiosk.

2. Added Compact EOD.

3. Added possibility to use and set FIXED amount of Discount.

4. Added filter by Employee on history Screen.

5. Fixed crashes and bugs.


1. Added option to set color of Fire label on kitchen printout. (CMS – POS – Printers – Kitchen receipt section)

3. Added option to Separate EOD in POS and CMS. (CMS – Reports – Settings). If option Enabled – user can choose which EOD to show/print in POS.

3. Changed layout of notification emails.

4. Added additional field (last activity) for Orders report.