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The Benefits of Having an iPad for Restaurants Emenu2 min read

Want iPad for Restaurants Emenus? Here Are the Top Reasons to Implement Them

So you wonder what the top reasons are for adding modern day iPad for restaurants emenus to your modern day establishment. That’s the first reason right there! Here are a few more:

  • Interactive iPad for restaurants emenus increase sales by an average of 20%
  • They improve customer service and retention
  • They improve order handling and expediting
  • They allow for a more sharp focus on customers’ needs
  • They vastly improve customer awareness and up-selling of menu items
  • They are more affordable in the long run than paper menus
  • They are the next evolutionary step for ALL restaurants

Do Customers Really Favor iPad for Restaurants Emenus?

Which would you rather order food from at the nicest gourmet restaurant you like to frequent: a boring paper menu or a iPad for restaurants emenu that is brightly lit, features a touch screen, “call the waiter button,” social media and news feeds, games for kids and articulate and enticing descriptions of menu items, detailed wine and pairing lists and custom food preparation order specifications?

The real question is shouldn’t all restaurants be outfitted with iPad for restaurants emenus these days?

Can iPad for Restaurants Emenus Improve Marketing Efforts?

In a nutshell: heck yes they can! Think about this for a moment if you will. A customer walks through the door – they heard about your place because their friends sent a Tweet or Facebook status update from the iPad for restaurants emenu that you had at the table – which is outfitted with Twitter and Facebook apps. So let’s assume that one person has an average of 50 friends and 50 followers. That’s 100 people that they told. Now if all of those people tell only 5 more, that’s 500 more people that know. As you can see, these are smaller numbers, but you get the gist: iPad for restaurants emenus naturally spread the word about your good service and food.

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