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The Pros of Electronic Menus2 min read

Adding an electronic menu to your restaurant can really boost your return on investment, streamline your customer service efforts and entice your guests.

Have you considered adding electronic menus to your restaurant? For many proprietors this can seem like something that may cost too much money with no guarantee on return. But the reality is that investing in electronic menus offers some very desirable rewards, and there are actually many pros to adding them to your establishment. It can be difficult to make a decision when weighing the immediate financial impact of a technological upgrade such as electronic menus, which may cost you a bit out of pocket upfront initially, but that will pay for itself in spades in a very short amount of time. To better help you understand why more restaurants are enticing customers with sleek e-menus – here are some the top pros to adding them.

Why Choose Electronic Menus?

You basically have two choices with menus these days: static boring paper ones or technologically advanced and exciting electronic menus. Put yourselves in the shoes of any prospective guest for a moment. Would you be more attracted to – and more likely to return to a restaurant that has – digital menus and amazing food and service, or a similar place that does not? For guests, electronic menus allows for them to see high resolution pictures of the food items, and even find great wines to pair entrees with. Several restaurants have been adding them, and an average increase of sales to the tune of 15-20% has been reported by their analysts.

What Customers Experience with Electronic Menus

A customer can use the touch screen on the digitalized menus to find food, appetizers and even order drinks. Good software has a “call the waiter” button and even an “order drinks” button. Additionally, with built in POS functions, a guest can pay at their table and even allocate a certain tip percentage. In short: electronic menus streamline customer service efficiency and guest amenities and convenience, which generally equates to an increase in customer satisfaction and retention, and ultimately a higher yield in sales.

Cost of Electronic Menus vs. Paper

Lastly, electronic menus are more affordable than static menus. Since you can update them throughout the day to reflect different menu items, like lunch, dinner, happy hour and so forth, you don’t have to print three or four different menus. And, when you factor how many times per year you have to reprint them, plus any ongoing specials that can be easily displayed on electronic menus, just one year of paper menu costs could buy you feature-rich digital e- menus that last a lifetime.