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USA Today Reports iPad Digital Menus Replacing Waiters2 min read

The USA Today reports that iPad digital menus are becoming increasingly popular as restaurants across the nation start implementing them to entice customers.

As we reported in a prior blog about Stacked in LA (see that blog post here) – a burger joint that was founded by the two co-founders of BJ’s – it seems that iPad digital menus are slowly but surely making their way into restaurants as the digital age takes over and replaces the outdated paper menus of yesterday, allowing for more enhanced customer service and a more interactive dining experience for guests.

The USA today reported – in a feature article that was published in early February (2011) – that Stacked was planning on adding more than 100 iPad digital menus to their two LA locations. The menus are to be tabletop menus that allow for customers to browse the item selections and create entirely customized burgers – which the joint features dozens of unique toppings for. Patrons are able to design their own custom burgers, salads and pizzas as well as even tender payment for their meal by using the iPad digital menus.

The cofounder, Paul Motenko, infers that they are just harnessing technology to better serve guests, and not to market the restaurant as an “iPad digital restaurant.”

“We’re not going to market it as an iPad restaurant,” Motenko told USA Today.

According to Dennis Lombardi, a prominent restaurant consultant, digital menus represent the next step for restaurants during the modern day. “The printing of menus will fade as iPads — and other similar devices — replace them,” he told USA Today.

A recent survey that was conducted by the National Restaurant Association purports that younger diners are the more enticed by iPad digital menus. The survey concluded that two out of three diners between the ages of 18-34 preferred iPad digital menus to the latter.

These innovative iPad digital menus have made their way into several eateries, too.

New York’s John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airport has them installed to allow guests to customize meals while in transit.

Bones, a steakhouse in Atlanta (see our blog regarding this) uses iPad digital menus for wine lists, and the owner, Richard Lewis, said sales have increased 20% since implementing them.

Lewis proclaimed that iPad digital menus will be in all restaurants in the years to come, inferring to the USA Today that, “It’s (digital menus) the future.”

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