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Your Fears Over Potential Theft of Tablets Answered2 min read

So, you just bought a whole bunch of really cool and high-tech tablets to outfit your restaurant and modernize it so that it is up to par with the digital age. However, now you are fearful of an employee or a customer dropping and damaging them, or even worse, an unscrupulous customer walking out of your restaurant with an expensive tablet in their possession.

So you may be thinking: “How do I better protect myself against theft and accidental damage?”

Don’t worry … we have got you covered at Aptito!

In fact, you have several great options to choose from when ensuring your investment in tablet PCs or iPads against accidental damage or theft. Due to the high popularity of these devices, there are several companies that now offer very affordable insurance on them. Let’s review a few of the very affordable choices that you have.

SafeWare Tablet Insurance

A tablet insurance provider called SafeWare offers tablet PC and iPad insurance for competitive rates, and protects you against most anything that could ever happen to your tablets. From an extended tablet service plan, to tablet PC insurance to protect against theft and accidental damage, it’s all in their extensive tablet protection plan. You can learn more about this affordable tablet insurance and even get a free quote online at:

GadgetTrak Anti-Theft Software Protects & Insures Tablets

You can also safeguard your tablets by installing anti-theft and tracking software on them, which is very affordable as well. We recommend adding GadgetTrak software to all tablets, which is an affordable $3.99 Anti Theft Tracking Device along with a $0.76 sticker that is placed on the tablets that explains to patrons that this unit has built-in tracking software, and that all thefts will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Learn more about GadgetTrack.

As you can see, there are many different solutions for protecting your investment in tablets. By being proactive and insuring yourself against the unpredictable odds, you won’t have to worry about your digital menus becoming damaged or being stolen. Instead, you can place your focus and expertise on running and managing your restaurant, and better serving your valuable customers.