Why Us?

Aptito is an all-in-one restaurant POS solution that offers the most complete package of features to bring your establishment into the digital age. Our digital menus—presented on the iPad— are easy to customize, and they seamlessly integrate with our full-featured Point-of-Sale (POS) system and iPhone app. It’s never been easier to interact with your customers, manage your restaurant remotely, and flat out increase your bottom line!



Increase Your Bottom Line

  • Demo the “WOW” Factor – Impress your guests with attractive and interactive touch screen menus. Enticing, high resolution food images trigger emotional & psychological responses. As a result, studies have shown that consumers order an average of 20%-30% more when using digital menus. Customers can surf the Internet, send/receive emails, view nutritional info and easily keep the kids entertained throughout the meal.


  • Improved Menu Management – Save money by not having to reprint menus every time you change an item or price. Now you can update your digital menu in a matter of seconds and avoid those tacky looking write-overs and Post-it notes. There’s no more need for “Market Price,” which can make customers avoid the dish completely.


  • Faster Table Turnover – With ordering and payment processes expedited, customers will spend less time at their tables. This means reduced wait times for those hungry, short-fused customers and more money in your pocket. Talk about a win-win.


  • Reduced Labor Costs – Servers can serve rather than take orders and process payments. This creates fewer mistakes and allows them to handle nearly twice as many tables at a time.  These benefits will save your business thousands of dollars annually.


  • Cost-Effective POS Solution – With Aptito, you get more and pay less. Other POS systems cost an average of 80% more, don’t offer digital menus, and have far less capabilities. Aptito’s diverse business management tools include inventory, reservation, scheduling and payroll systems. You’re also provided detailed & fully exportable Excel reports via text message or email.   We can also customize systems per your individual needs—just say the word!


  • Increased Retention Rate – Customers are more likely to fill out surveys and provide feedback using digital menus. Keep em’ coming back by adjusting to customer likes and dislikes—this is paramount to success!  You will also be helping the newcomer place their order by featuring top-rated dishes and favorites more prominently.


  • Instant & Unlimited Exposure – With social media capabilities at their fingertips, customers can pass along the good word about your establishment faster than ever. Watch as your customers “Like” you on Facebook, refer friends & family, and recommend their favorite dishes—all before leaving the table. Aptito’s mobile app can also be utilized by customers via their iPhones. Your business also becomes recognized on Aptito’s fast growing online directory of restaurants.