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Going Green with iPad Digital Menus2 min read


The next environmental trend to sweep restaurants is that of going green by replacing costly printed menus and promotional signage with iPad digital menus.

Are you doing enough with your restaurant to truly say that you are going green? The dawning of the next generation in being environmentally conscious has already approached, and with does come the tidings of change. Sometimes it’s natural to fear change, as we often are unsure of what it brings. However, in this instance, change is good. It’s good for our environment. It’s good for our favorite restaurants, and it’s good for people who enjoy fine dining and eating out in the digital world of today.

Certainly many eateries are now outfitted with green friendly devices. Things like energy saving appliances and light bulbs, recycling operations and reduced paper costs. Some places even use cloth napkins to avoid paper waste. But there is something more that you can do to really reduce the amount of paper that you are using to print promotional signage and menus – all which are printed several times per year for most restaurants, and all that are both costly and harmful to our fragile environment.

The answer? iPad digital menus. In a day and age where a person can turn on their smart phone and order a fully customized pizza for delivery from their living room couch, or check their bank balance, or even book a vacation, the arrival of digital menus is seemingly a bit late. But the cadre of them, and their numerous appeals to consumers, when in juxtaposition to being or going green, is clearly the next big step for bistros that are trying to upgrade to the future and do their part to go green.

So what advantages do digital menus offer?

  • You can now finance iPad digital menus for amazing rates so you don’t have to shell out thousands upgrading at one time.
  • They come with insurance against theft or damage, so no worries there.
  • Digital menus allow your customers to better visualize food and be more enticed by the savory dishes that you have to offer.
  • Imagine a customer being able to book a reservation or order delivery from your restaurant using a smart phone digital menu application?
  • You save time and money on service because customers can order and call a waiter to their table from the digital menu.
  • Save thousands of dollars in promotional and menu printing costs annually by using digital menus instead.
  • Imagine being able to update your menu at the press of a button to lunch, dinner, happy hour, etc.
  • Twitter and Facebook sharing apps on digital menus allow your satisfied customers to spread the word to all of their friends.
  • Attract more customers because of how modern and inviting your restaurant is.