Fine Dining POS System

A powerful and reliable POS system, custom-built for Full-Service restaurants in order to deliver smooth management and payment experience.

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Customer Service

We offer best in class Customer Service and Tech Support in English and Spanish.

Aptito Tab
Curbside Pick Up

A handheld device that allows your business to seamlessly offer curbside pick up for your customers.

Free Online Ordering Platform

As a response to the current situation, we’re offering our Online Ordering platform, completely free.

Built For Full Service Restaurants


Don’t spend countless hours figuring out your POS. Aptito’s all-in-one iPad POS was designed to make every feature intuitive and responsive.

Tailor-Made for Your Restaurant

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. Which is why we built a dedicated solution for Full Service Restaurants.

Worry-Free Reporting

Are you off the premises and want to see how the restaurant is performing?

With Aptito, you can check all of your reports in real time.

Grow Your Revenue

Increase Your Table Turnover Rate

Give your servers the freedom to take orders—sending them straight to the kitchen and allowing them to accept payment right at the table.

Make Splitting Checks Easy

Aptito helps you keep your customers happy by giving you the ability to split their checks however they want.

Keep Your Restaurant Synced

Optimize your restaurant by syncing the back-of-house and front-of-house. By using our Smart Terminals, send your orders straight to the Kitchen Display System in real time.

Reporting Made Easy

Make More Sales

With the click of a button, find out which items are preferred by your clients and how much they spend—then make changes to your restaurant accordingly.

Improve Productivity

Get reports on the productivity of your staff and the impact each employee has on your sales.

Optimize Your Restaurant

Aptito provides you with real-time data on the efficiency of your kitchen staff. Get insights on what their sales are and how much time they take to fulfill each order.

More Than Just a Restaurant POS

Aptito is committed to the success of your restaurant. We don’t just provide you with a Restaurant POS, we make sure you have all the tools you need in order to succeed.
We have your back with unparalleled customer service just in case you need it.

Hardware Custom Built For A Full Service Restaurant

Mobile POS

Take orders at the table with our mPOS and fire them straight to the kitchen. Our Mobile POS helps you increase your revenue by improving your table turn time.

Aptito One

An Android POS platform custom-built for an ease of use restaurant management experience.

Smart Terminal

Accept payments anywhere using our smart terminals, which come with a built-in receipt printer. Provide your customers with print, email or text receipts.

Kitchen Display System

Customize your order display with the option to use as many screens as you need while keeping track of your tickets and improving your fulfillment times.


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