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Aptito offers your business all the hardware
you need to succeed. From iPad POS, Kitchen Display, Mobile POS to Smart Terminals.
All custom built for restaurants.

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Aptito’s POS has to offer.

Aptito One: android POS solution

Aptito’s Android POS solution was built to withstand the demands of
even the most demanding of restaurants.

Sleek design

Easy to set up

Reliable perfomance

Built-in peripherals

Essential connectivity

Poynt Smart Terminal: A Complete Wireless Payment Solution

Take orders, accept payments and tip with the security and convenience you should expect in your payment solution. The Poynt Smart Terminal is compatible with dozens of peripherals so you can get up and running, in no time.

EMV Built-In

Extended Battery Life

Pay-at-table Ready

Connect with 3G, WiFi, or Both

Built-in Receipt Printer

Full Restaurant POS Solution

Poynt 5: Small in Size, Big in Flexibility

The Poynt 5 has a sleek footprint, but with all the functionality you would expect from an
enterprise-ready payment terminal. Offer your customers the most modern payment
experience, without sacrificing security or features.

EMV Built-In

Pay-at-table Ready

Magnetic Stripe

Gift Card Ready

Connect with 3G, WiFi, or Both

Built-in Scanner and Camera

Aptito Digital Menu: A Modern Approach to Menus

Aptito brings your restaurant or bar menu to life like never before with vivid, eye-catching
images of each item, helping to increase your average ticket size by an impressive 15%-20%.
Our digital menus can be customized to give them the look and feel you desire.

Fully Customizable

Pay-at-table Ready

Send Orders To The Kitchen

Display Nutritional Information

Connect with 3G, WiFi, or Both

Printers: Reliability First

Aptito offers its customers a wide range of printers from brands like HP, Epson and Star. Starting from the most basic receipt printer, all the way to the most advanced thermal printers which are able to integrate with your entire POS system.

Right-side-up Printing For Kitchen Orders

Simple User Experience

High-Speed Printing

Two-color Printing For Highlighting Offers or Order Exceptions

Scanners: When Speed Matters

Our scanners let you scan to your heart’s content.
Our mobile scanners fit any type of restaurant concept.

Certified by Apple® for iOS Devices

Compatible With Android and Windows Devices

Ergonomic and Light Weight

QR Code Scanner

Battery Friendly® Technology Enables Battery Lasting A Full Work Shift

Ergonomic and Light Weight

Routers: Fast & Reliable

Aptito is a cloud-based POS system, which means that your Internet connection is a very important factor for your day-to-day operations. We offer every hardware you could possibly need for your restaurant concept. Whether it’s a router, scanner or any type of printers, we have it.

Dual-Concurrent Access Point

WiFi Coverage for 2.4GHz and 5GHz

CPU: Qualcomm 650MHz

Ethernet: 5x 10/100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet Ports

Memory: 64MB DDR SDRAM

OS: MikroTik RouterOS, Level4 License

More Than Just a Restaurant POS

Aptito is committed to the success of your restaurant. We don’t just provide you with a Restaurant POS, we make sure you have all the tools you need in order to succeed.
We have your back with unparalleled customer service just in case you need it.


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