A powerful iPad POS custom built for restaurants.

A POS packed with the most advanced
technology and all the tools you need
to run and grow your restaurant.

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Customer Service

We offer best in class Customer Service and Tech Support in English and Spanish.

Aptito Tab
Curbside Pick Up

A handheld device that allows your business to seamlessly offer curbside pick up for your customers.

Free Online Ordering Platform

As a response to the current situation, we’re offering our Online Ordering platform, completely free.

Powerful & Robust POS

iPad POS

Our powerful iPad Restaurant POS is built to fit the needs of even the most demanding of restaurants. Whether this is your first time using a POS or if you’re an expert, you’ll find our POS very easy to use and to train new employees.

Reliable Connectivity

A headache-free POS; we built our POS so that you can count on it, even if the network goes down. With our offline mode, you won’t lose any sales due to poor connectivity or internet issues.

Any Payment Method

Let your customers pay the way they want. Accept cash, debit, credit, gift cards, and even mobile payments like Apple Pay. Regardless if they need to dip, tap or swipe, our POS gives your customers the liberty they desire.

Tableside Ordering

Increase your table turnover by allowing your waiters to take orders and accept payments at the table. With our handheld devices, your waiters can easily serve your guests better, increase the speed of the service and offer an effortless payment experience.

Reporting & Analytics

All the data that you can possibly need and more, served in an easy to understand platform. Regardless of your physical location, get real-time access to your restaurant’s performance 24/7.

Price Conscious

Besides offering top of the line products and services, we believe in providing them at a price point business owners can afford. From the most basic packages to the most advanced POS systems, Aptito offers everything a restaurant can need and more without breaking the bank.

More Than Just a Restaurant POS

Aptito is committed to the success of your restaurant. We don’t just provide you with a Restaurant POS, we make sure you have all the tools you need in order to succeed.
We have your back with unparalleled customer service just in case you need it.


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