Food Truck POS System

Run a profitable and lean business with our
easy to use Food Truck POS System.

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Customer Service

We offer best in class Customer Service and Tech Support in English and Spanish.

Aptito Tab
Curbside Pick Up

A handheld device that allows your business to seamlessly offer curbside pick up for your customers.

Free Online Ordering Platform

As a response to the current situation, we’re offering our Online Ordering platform, completely free.

Built For Food Trucks

A Complete Solution

Our Food Truck solution was created in order to allow you to run your Food Truck, by just using a Self Order Kiosk, one Kitchen Display System and one Customer Facing Display

Become More Profitable

Run an entire food truck with a one man show by maximizing your work space and optimizing your workflow

Easy to Use

Time is money. Our Food Truck POS was designed to make every feature intuitive and fast

Cost Effective

Real-Time Reporting

Know exactly where every dollar is going to and how to minimize your costs with our reporting & analytics

Budget Friendly

Our solution consist of a bundle with all the necessary hardware and software you will need to run your Food Truck at an affordable price

Serve More Customers

Our Food Truck bundle comes with a Self Order Kiosk which allows customers to place orders on their own, reducing long waiting lines.

Expand your System

Accept Cash

Accept cash with our completely integrated cash register

Receipt Printer

If you rather keep it traditional and have a receipt printer you have the option to seamlessly add it to your system

Additional Point of Sale

Increase your turnover rate by adding a Full Station to your Food Truck

More Than Just a Restaurant POS

Aptito is committed to the success of your restaurant. We don’t just provide you with a Restaurant POS, we make sure you have all the tools you need in order to succeed.
We have your back with unparalleled customer service just in case you need it.

Hardware Custom Built For Food Trucks

Self Order Kiosk

Pick Up Notification Screen

Kitchen Display Screen


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