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Increase your profits without increasing your labor costs.

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Reduce Your Customer's Waiting Time

Eliminate Long Wait Lines

With Aptito’s Self-Order Kiosk, you reduce wait times during peak hours by adding an extra checkout point.

Fully Customizable

Have photos of your food, drinks or events while the Kiosk is on standby mode. Modify it at your convenience.

Improved Accuracy

Allow your customers to inform your kitchen staff directly of any allergy or dietary concerns with their order.

Decrease The Cost of Labor

Increased Speed of Service

With Aptito’s Kiosks, you can increase the speed of service for your high-volume restaurant during peak hours, without hiring more staff.

Changes in Real-Time

Do you have a new special you want to add? Our Self-Order Kiosk has the option to add, change or remove items in real-time.

Fully Integrated With Your Restaurant

All of our software integrates seamlessly with each other, making Aptito’s Kiosk an incredible
solution for your QSR. Get your Kiosk as a stand alone solution or integrated with your POS,
Printer and your Kitchen Display System.

More Than Just a Restaurant POS

Aptito is committed to the success of your restaurant. We don’t just provide you with a Restaurant POS, we make sure you have all the tools you need in order to succeed.
We have your back with unparalleled customer service just in case you need it.


Up to $250 off
Each Aptito Terminal

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Terms & Conditions apply.

Full Name *

Restaurant Name *

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