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We pay cash for referrals

Do you know of any restaurants that could benefit from Aptito's all in one POS solution?

Earn from 20% of our net revenue, generated by the referred merchant, perpetually, paid to your bank account monthly.
Referrals are tracked and paid when sale is complete

What Happens Next?

  • Our relationships team will contact you in order to execute referral agreement with you.
  • Our boarding team will contact the restaurant and make sure their needs and requests are met.
  • We will open the merchants back office account on our cloud and load their menu(s) and floor plan.
  • Once the merchant is approved, we will load their processing credentials and train them.
  • Our quality assurance team will contact them to make sure everything is working properly and answers any outstanding questions.
  • Once the merchant has completed their first batch and made their first monthly processing fees we will paying your revenue share monthly. 

Partner Support

Please contact us if you have any questions: