Inventory Management

Aptito’s easy to use comprehensive inventory management and sales app drastically reduces overhead costs, simplifies management and improves the operational efficiency of your business. Enter items into the system once and it will manage the entire inventory on your behalf. You can also set “inventory alerts” to be notified when items are low. The popular auto-order feature enables one-button orders to be placed via email to any distributors, vendors or merchants. Never worry about your inventory numbers again and always know what you have in stock.

Inventory Features:

  • Inventory management is integrated with all of our applications so you can seamlessly synchronize your inventory with the complete iPad POS system.
  • Digital menus feature in-stock items for guests to browse and order, and when an order is placed, the inventory management system automatically deducts that item from your inventory and tracks the sale, item cost and profit.
  • Set and forget your inventory one time, and rest assured that everything is being tracked accordingly. No more fussing over potentially tedious and frustrating inventory counts, or worrying about missing items. Aptito does it all for you in real-time so that you always know exactly where you stand.
  • One-button reports provide in-depth and detailed information about your inventory items, their cost, and what profits you made so that you can make adjustments as needed to your menu and operations.
  • Our automatic inventory ordering feature saves time by adding items to your online shopping cart whenever needed and email your distributors.  In just a few clicks you can check out and accurately restock your inventory.
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