Fast Pass Funding

Same Day Funding For Restaurants

Whether you manage a restaurant or a bar, the challenges of running a successful business go far beyond getting customers through the door. You promote your business by hosting weekly events, weekend brunches, birthdays, offering a happy hour menu with specials from your chef and you are opened late until the last guest leaves.

With this in mind, Aptito just expanded its POS capabilities, we are the first ones in the market to offer a Same Day Funding feature as part of our POS solutions allowing the fastest in merchant services funding option allowing for batches settled before 5:00 am to be funded the same day. We won’t just optimize your business for performance, but we will also maximize your cash flow so that you can always have your inventory full without needing to wait 48+ hours to get your money. It’s your hard earned money, it’s only right for you to have access to it as fast as possible.

Don’t Wait So Long For Your Hard Earned Money!

For business owners, cash flow is key. You need 24/7 access to funds to pay bills, payrolls and keep the business up and running. With Fast Pass Funding you are able to transfer the funds from your payment processing account into your bank account almost immediately!

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