About Us

Specializing in complete business management solutions and cloud-based point of sales for the restaurant industry, Aptito LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of NASDAQ listed Net Element, Inc. Aptito POS, Aptito mPOS, Aptito Digital Menus and Aptito Kiosk is our suite of integrated products for restaurants and cafeterias. Aptito LLC develops and supports its own products out of its North Miami Beach offices.

iPad menus are a favorite among restaurant owners, managers and consumers alike. Our digital menus are easy to use and can be updated in real time from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Users can promote house specials, happy hour bargains and can make easy switch overs to cuisine types and meal periods (breakfast, lunch & dinner). And the best part is Aptito virtually pays for itself, with consumers ordering an average of 15%-20% more when they see colorful, vivid images of food items rather than simple text descriptions.

Our signature POS solution is cloud-based and offers a wide array of desirable features including inventory, reservation, scheduling, and payroll systems. Aptito also offers an app for smartphone users, which enables faster order processing. This in turn improves table turnover time—all helping to increase your bottom line.

Aptito replaces outdated paper menus and traditional POS systems. Don’t be left in the dust of the digital age as time and technology march on. Aptito brings the “WOW” factor to your guests and gives them something special to remember you by. In the process, you will enhance customer service, experience, loyalty and retention.

We proudly offer our solution at an affordable price.

The Future Is In Your Hands with Aptito!