3 Proven Ways To Grow Your Restaurant


The recipe for a successful restaurant is quite simple – delicious food and great service. Yet, there are numerous business owners which fail with the mission of satisfying their customers. And if the existing customers are not satisfied with your service, it becomes even harder to attract new ones, thus – to grow your business.

The truth is that in order to grow your restaurant business, you do not need to spend hours of research or make huge investments. The key to attracting more customers and providing higher quality services is hidden in the details. That crucial thing that business owners often tend to underestimate or completely forget is the importance of the way you manage the processes within the mini-ecosystem of your company.

3 proven strategies to grow your business in a glimpse

Creativity SELLS

Anyone paying even a little attention to advertising these days — on the Internet, TV, radio, magazines, newspapers would have to be completely disconnected not to notice how advertising has morphed over the last five or so years. With so many commercials consisting of audio and images that barely linger long enough for viewers to figure them out, catchy, seemingly unrelated phrases and symbols, it can be impossible to determine exactly what the product is. Particularly for TV viewers, the good news is that many of today’s commercial “interruptions” are, in many ways, just as entertaining — if not more, than the program they’re watching. The problem occurs when you’ve seen the same commercial over and over that you regard it as a drudgery. New ploys are always being created to separate you from your money in conference rooms of ad agencies, around the clock.

Do You Really Need a POS System for Your Small Business?

The decision to move to POS technology is certainly not one to be taken lightly. There are many considerations to look at, to make a qualified decision. As more and more business owners of small to medium size businesses are following the lead of the bigger corporations in using POS systems for the management of their business, what’s becoming apparent is becoming less and less about whether or not any particular business would benefit from moving to POS technology. The question that is an important one to address has to do with what’s to become of the last holdouts who, for one reason or another, stick with their time-honored system where every operational detail is handled by and tracked by humans. The question that must be answered now is “What will happen to businesses that choose to not avail themselves of the full scope that POS technology covers, by moving their operations over to POS technology.

Dispelling a Big POS MYTH: This Technology Enhances Human Touch Services

An initial misconception regarding just what POS technology is can delay a business from a quicker migration over to streamlined operational reliance on POS system technology. One that tends to be expressed the most frequently has to do with the manner in which every business’ POS system solution can cover such a streamlined expanse of time and labor-consuming tasks. A closer look at the way it works will quickly resolve any issues about this amazing technology being able to displace the human element, and in the restaurant industry, this would mean the server. Thanks to the design enabling such a far reaching variety of customizing capabilities, the move to POS technology would be pointless without humans covering all points and junctures. It’s humans who set up the POS system, based on the tasks, goals and responsibilities that have always taken the most time and prevented these same humans from being more visible within the front end operations, and more available for the jewel of commerce: attentive customer relations.

Provide Management With Streamlined Aptito-Brand Scheduling and Payroll

In addition to being up with the strictest industry standards for top notch security while providing the ultimate tool for attracting and retaining customers, Aptito cloud based POS offers clients the capability to operate it from anywhere. Create employee schedules, send via email to each one with a simple click, and make effective adjustments on the spot with concise communications regarding any staff conflicts as presented. Being accessible from anywhere and at anytime, Aptito cloud based POS means your business is always under the safe steering of management. Whether you are playing golf at the beach, right down the street, on site or thousands of miles away, you’ll always have a full and immediate connection to every realm of your business and operations in real time.

Inventory Management You Can’t Afford to be Without

Often, when businesses are growing, they tend to focus more on the day to day operations and leave behind some of the less outwardly pressing, mundane responsibilities. It is here that inventory management can become a casualty. Unfortunately, what may seem like a component that can wait is actually an element of your day to day operations with full-on, make-or-break potential. Counting inventory, restocking and properly timed reordering are the lifeblood of the business.

The Blight of Poor Inventory Standards

In a report by the U.S. Small Business Administration, one of the most frequent causes of small businesses failing comes from unsatisfactory management of operating inventory. Surprisingly, statistics point to almost half of all small businesses with over 10 to just under 500 employees not having any form of tracking system in place to monitor inventory status.

Restaurants Increase Ticket Totals With Photos and More on iPad Menus

An attractive, well-presented photograph can do more to communicate than the longest-ever, thoughtfully composed diatribe ever could. And for this reason, Aptito’s POS-enabled eye-catching visual images with their backlit presence, are a surefire way to increase the total of each ticket by an average of 15 to 20 %, which are no small beans. All-texted menus – regardless of how fancy the calligraphy or font – just can’t compete with the real-time representation that a deliciously presented photo conveys. Even in contrast to photographs of menu items upon flat, laminated menus pale in comparison with the lifelike nature of the same or similar image on a screen – especially in knowing that by a simple tap of the item, it’s seconds away from preparation for an expedient arrival at your customer’s table, with no waiting for a server.

Put Aptito Technology to Work With Added Value Customer Incentives

Among the many positives that are inherently woven into the fabric of POS technology is how effective it is in both the acquisition of and keeping customers. Particularly important for small to mid-sized businesses, it’s an excellent method of increasing brand awareness in a manner that will serve to establish the host business with impressive distinction within the marketplace. POS technology is still new enough that some hesitancy exists simply due to lack of knowledge in just how it works and especially how powerful a tool it is for streamlining a business, from the back door all the way through operations to the completely satisfied sale. When you hear talk of “Added Value Customer Incentives,” there are many reasons why this concept is different from a “sale,” or a general publically advertised “promotion.” What follows are some of the details of how a POS system customized to your business can serve you to take the very best care of your existing customers and at the same time, attract new customers who find your reputation of offering choice “added value” incentives refreshing and worthwhile.

Staying Ahead with Aptito – the Migration to EMV Chip Security Requirements

EMV technology was developed from the card schemes of Europay, Mastercard, and Visa, and has become the global standard for both credit and debit payment cards that are based on chip card technology. (EMV is an acronym bearing the first letter of each of the original cards schemes.) It’s basically everything having to do with processing credit and debit card payments with cards that feature a microprocessor chip. When such transactions are processed, they are generally known as “Chip and PIN” transactions, as PIN entering is a requirement on the part of the customer to provide verification of ownership, and EMV specifications include other methods of cardholder verification, too.

Selling with the Aptito mobile iPhone Point of Sale (mPOS) System

In today’s high tech world, businesses everywhere are quickly discovering that the manner in which their products are presented and how they are selected and purchased has become just as important if not even more so than the product itself. This is especially true in the foodservice industry, where the competition is so fierce. Regardless of the level of service your restaurant provides – from food truck vending to burgers, sandwiches and fries, to providing your customers with a full service gourmet dining experience – The Aptito mPOS system is your vehicle for confidently moving forward with expanded satisfaction among your customers and a larger volume of increased sales. Secure your lasting place in the industry by offering your staff and customers the level of service that is set to become the universal standard. When selling method and tone is so critical, the Aptito mobile iPhone Point of Sale system delivers to you the front line capabilities of a POS industry leader – guaranteed by in-depth experience and equipment to support the restaurant industry with timely information updates and the technology to make it happen most efficiently.