How Mobile POS Covers More Customers During Peak Times With Fewer Mistakes

One of the facets emerging at the forefront of the digital age is a constant in your face delivery of the “snooze you lose” message. With everything to gain and nothing to lose, pretty soon, it’s going to be that the only businesses being able to sustain their presence within this market will be the ones that bit the bullet, caught the train and dove in, feet first into full reliance on today’s new systems of managing every element of operations and the customers they attract. Time has just become too valuable a commodity to not make the move to what technology has managed to establish as absolute necessities for staying afloat in a time-starved culture – and a time starved world, actually.

Hidden Issues With Staff Increases

With any business increase of true lasting value, there must be an associated rise in the number of consumers served, and if your operations are fairly already extended to the max, the increase of customers must necessitate the hiring of more staff. With adding staff, there’s the matter of providing adequate training and entry, more expansive payroll (and all the particulars that are entailed along with it.) Scheduling becomes more complex, and sufficiently covering every shift managerially speaking comes with new responsibilities. The larger the number of employees can increase the potential for profit loss from both employee error and employee misappropriations (AKA theft.) Somewhere along there, what began as an effort to simply serve a growing customer base seems to have turned into little more than a big, fat problem. At least it would have been, before the POS age, that is.

The Aptito Difference

POS technology delivered commerce from the dark ages and promptly delivered it to a much needed modernized approach, and that worked fine for a while. It takes the greater commitment found in performance leaders like Aptito to make sure that the level of performance offered by any POS technology is capable of surpassing what worked yesterday, with a continued commitment to remaining on the leading edge of new truly advantageous business functionality. In understanding the complexities involved in sales growth missions – especially those to attract more customers (and thereby increase the number of checkouts,) Aptito has your back. Much of the draw toward POS (for everything from ordering to checkout and inventory management) has to do with the way it is a superior form of substitute for what used to require hiring more employees. Your Aptito POS can handle the job of several extra staff members, and with lightning speed and accuracy.

Eliminating the Middle Man, so to Speak

From tabletop iPads to freestanding customer kiosks, the customers can place their order – immediately to be received by the kitchen, where every order is prepared with superior management of serving orders in the succession by which they were ordered. There’s no returning server 10 minutes later to inform you that the item your ordered is sold out or unavailable, as the tracking POS uses prevents unavailable menu items from eve being ordered in the first place. The server is able to concentrate on the service end of the gig, with a lot of time consuming conversation and Q & A resolved by the photographs and detailed descriptions on each table’s iPad. With less ordering errors (because the order is keyed in by the customer,) even more time is saved. The more ability your servers have to serve and check on customers, the more pleasurable the dining experience.

How This Plays Out at Checkout

Your Aptito is equipped to handle checkout, with even details covered like splitting bills however requested, adding in tips and immediately. There’s no waiting for your server to return with your card – in fact you keep your card or iPhone the entire time. The established public is quickly learning how to operate this technology and the up and coming crowd expects it. With Aptito, you can be confident that you are covered to handle more transactions with ease.

A Fully Customizable POS System for Streamlined Integration

Having customization ability is a make-or-break essential for you to experience the true streamlining that switching to an Aptito POS supremely delivers to every operational component. Aptito makes migration to the digital age smooth and painless – with spectacular rewards that begin the minute of startup. The digital menus featured by Aptito on the iPads that go on each table are super easy to customize, and integration with Aptito’s Point of Sale system – with its impressive full lineup of features – is a breeze. And recharging the individual units could not be any easier, as each unit comes with its own hookup built right under each table.

Customization that Focuses on Both Operations and Customers

When you hand over so many operational details to the safekeeping of Aptito POS and integrate it with your iPhone app, you and your full staff will be availed of more time to demonstrate extra measures of care for customers’ needs – and particularly all of those special requests that restaurants encounter on a rather frequent basis. Interacting with customers while delivering a more intimate level of service will no longer be rushed, and dining room floor to kitchen staff communications are more effective with saved time and cost from error eradication. And all you need is your trusty iPhone to be able to run the entire show from any remote location. There could not be any better method of improving your bottom line. Choose to receive Excel reports by text or email.

Your Aptito, Your Way

Among the outstanding array of customizable and diverse managerial tools you’ll have at your fingertips are inventory, payroll, taking reservations, scheduling staff, just to name a few. And then on the front end, the customizing option of displaying mouth watering photographs of your menu items, you will increase the total bill of practically every table, which has been the standard, as reported from user experience. Only when you have the ability to fine-tune your POS system in accordance with the way everything works in your business will you be truly satisfied with all that POS can do for you – and your customers. The customizations you create with Aptito give your customers a feeling of an enhanced dining experience in a superior restaurant. Make sure to share your ideas for specific customizing with Aptito, and they’ll make it happen!

Customized Operations Tweaking, from Customer Surveys

With Aptito’s option of including customized surveys, you can get as specific as you deem necessary for your customers to share valuable information regarding every aspect of their dining experience, including the food’s presentation, flavor, temperature and more. Find out what – if any – improvements could be made as they relate to service, as well as the level of comfortability from seating, as well as other facets of their overall experience. Keep track of survey results and more effectively put them to use, because of having collected them with Aptito’s app.

Inventory – Your Way

With the way in which Aptito’s inventory management seamlessly integrates with all of their other applications, you have the expanded ability to impressively synchronize your inventory, by a smooth “set it and forget it” implementation – only once. From that point, you’ll enjoy the assurance that you can leave the tracking up to Apito. You’ll have a complete account of the location and volume of every inventory item, and in real-time. This impressive inventory management system will automatically deduct each in-stock item per order, as well as tracking the sale, and providing the item’s cost and the resulting profit.

More Incentives From Aptito – Our Unique Referral Program

Running a thriving business has never been more of a challenge than it has become with this age. The constant grinding of the gears of technology that have fully infiltrated every nook and cranny of modern living have brought about radical changes to the manner in which all of commerce interacts with consumers. More than ever, the current market is almost exclusively dictated by consumer preferences that appear to be developing new roots in the “me” generation’s rather narcissistic bent. What this means to businesses everywhere – and of all sizes – is full immersion in a perpetual process of updating and revamping. Continuing to present consumers with competitive access to the latest streamlining technology for all aspects of their experience is the name of the game.

Tech Revolution Creates “Sink or Swim” Climate

While continuity of business success formerly relied upon such aspects as quality, value, price relevancy and service (and still does,) without the technology to support operations—in both front end and back—we are beginning to witness the inevitable demise of older “Mom and Pop’s” enterprises that no longer appeal to today’s consumers. As a savvy proprietor or manager, the very fact that you are here, reading this right now indicates your understanding of such growth. You’ve either been operating with an early form of POS or you are preparing to make the move by reading up. In any case, Aptito has effectively ironed out a mass of wrinkles with the emergent POS of yore, mostly by expanding its range of uses and making uninterrupted use a given.

Get Paid – and No Waiting

As a member of the leading Aptito family POS integration for your business, you get more. When you refer another restaurant to Aptito, you’ll benefit from a perpetual revenue increase paid directly to your bank account and paid monthly. No small change, as for every referred restaurant, you’ll earn a full 20% of the net Aptito income generated by each one. We get your cash to you promptly, from dependable tracking that enables payment just as soon as the sale is completed. Then, monthly revenues commence with the referral’s completion of their first batch, and the associated processing fees are paid. Businesses supported by Aptito always enjoy more incentives, one of which is our way of showing our appreciation for your membership and your referrals. And you’ll take pride in knowing that our quality assurance team will have their back through every step of the process.

Just Using Aptito Sells It Best

You already know the value of POS and been relying on many of the aspects we’ve uniquely taken further to offer you superior ways of connecting without WIFI, recharging at tables, improved dining room to kitchen communications and more. As an Aptito subscriber, you are proving its value to your business, which will go further than anything you could say to colleagues and friends whose dining establishments could also benefit from our custom services. It’s a sure win-win, all around, in sharing the unparallelled excellence of Aptito with others.

The Power of Images to Boost Orders

The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” has been in use for centuries, and there’s a reason why it’s never lost its popularity: it’s as true as anything ever could be. Pictures communicate on so many authentic levels that are deeply personal to the viewer, and beyond any other form of expression. Pictures can instantly tantalize or repel. And pictorial representation of your full array of menu items is one of the most powerful selling tools you could ever employ. The art of finely representing your wares via individually accessible customer iPads is your opportunity to reach your customers at an emotional level that is non-threatening to them, leaving them feeling safer to indulge their cravings in peace and without judgement.

Pictorial Images do the Selling for You

From a restaurant’s point of view, photo representation can help you to move specific dishes that you hope to sell quickly, translating into less unsold products and more use and less loss of ingredients. In the case of a restaurateur, specific placement of certain perishables can help you to sell more inventory without loss from spoilage. Actually, the photos you provide via your customer POS represent the best way to sell anything – because you are really letting them sell themselves. An image does the heavy lifting, while the copy is still there, yet often overlooked. Great pictures make for needing little if any words.

Fuller Immersion is Better

There is a place where photographs are able to connect with viewers on a deep emotional level. The information they convey is mostly instantaneous, and “getting” them is easier than reading text. They also contribute valuable content to the printed information that can pull in the reader and elicit a myriad of responses as intended by the layout. When you have engaged your customer with photos, you’re in an excellent position to make suggestions of complementary side dishes or beverages that go hand in hand nicely with the main course and when possible, offering photos of the two items in use together.

Showcase Specialties of the House

If you offer any unique or unusual dishes or menu items, you could describe them with words all day long and not ever be sure that you got your point across. With a well taken photograph, the customer can see how they can expect it to arrive at their table, perceive it as a comfort and be enticed. Otherwise, consumers tend to stick to their preconceived notions about how things will look and taste. With a photo, you show them the distinction in a flattering light, and in gaining interest, prompt buys, often leading to being spread further by word of mouth as a result of happily impressed customers.

Make Piercing Connections

There’s one thing people in advertizing understand, and it’s that no matter what style of life they’re living, whether it be farm and country living, suburban style or urban life, everyone is striving to live a lifestyle that they perceive as perfect. This is why it’s critical that the photographic representation of your restaurant, offerings and amenities depicts an immersion that connects with the values of the target clientele. It’s like you are selling a needed component to complete a particular ideal lifestyle. Sometimes images are included that subliminally evoke strong feelings of yearning or compassion, depending on the best associations as they apply to the exact item.

How Self-Ordering Can Streamline Operations

With today’s advancing technology and the systems used to process merchant-consumer transactions, they are becoming a rather familiar presence within every aspect of life – for everyone. This means that an increasing number of people are now willing and able to interact with devices for self-ordering and paying than at any previous time. There has never been a more ideal time for small to mid-sized merchants to easily start providing their customers with this important technology, for all its benefits. There will surely come a time – and it could be sooner than you think – when any purveyors of goods or services not offering this option will be quickly branded as antiquated, sub-par and less attractive by consumers everywhere.

Self-Ordering is All-Gain for Everyone

Among some of the more obvious benefits, providing customers with self-ordering reduces wait times for all components of their experience, while eliminating having to stand in long lines, even during peak hours of operation. Customers order and pay as it is most convenient for them, comfortably and without standing in line. Because of this, your labor costs are diminished, and your staff are given the opportunity to address other important operational needs. The incidence of errors is drastically reduced when customers are in control of their ordering, and especially when they can go by detailed descriptions and photos – accelerating your efficiency quotient. More and more consumers are expecting this level of assistive technology, and by demonstrating your interest in providing the most up to date technology, you improve your company’s image.

Stay Current – Seamlessly

Implementing changes to menus, adding details pertaining to nutrient value, and always-changing promotionals are all immediate and easily produced uniformly, and without potential deviation. Instant ticket printing is another time saving value for superior revenue stability. Additionally, add-ons of proven interest can be provided for your clientele, along with a myriad of entertaining games for all ages.

Increasing Sales Without a Word

Self-ordering devices have a way of adding value to everything your servers provide for each guest, as the entire process is de-stressed, with the server being free to focus more on each customer’s satisfaction. This technology has proven to increase customer spending, especially with menu items thoughtfully presented in mouth watering photos and detailed descriptions. The overall experience is positive, with an optimized start of ordering without a wait, and all the way to handling all payment needs, from special purchases and splitting the bill to tipping. You can make sure that every customer is informed of the current specials, and you can keep ‘em coming back, with personalized rewards to prompt return visits and print out on guest receipts.

How Do You Know What POS is the Right Fit for Your Business?

A point-of-sale system is the life blood of your business. The system can track and manage your inventory, help you identify opportunities to increase sales, and make it easier for customers to make payment.

With so many options available, it can be hard to choose the right POS system for your business. Here are a few things to consider to ensure you are choosing the right system:

Ease of Use

The right POS system should be easy for you and your staff to use. Otherwise, it will use up too many payroll hours and lead to too many costly mistakes. An iPad POS system is a great choice because it is set up like most other phones and tablets. It is very user-friendly, and staff can learn how to use it quickly.

Features Offered

Of course, the features on the POS system should figure prominently in your decision making. A basic POS system will process payments, but an advanced system will also have features for monitoring inventory (including ordering new inventory), tracking sales, and marketing to customers. Thoroughly review the features offered to make sure the system has what your business needs.


Advancements have made POS systems more flexible than in the past. An iPad POS system provides mobility that allows you to serve customers wherever you need to meet them – whether that’s in various parts of your shop or at industry trade shows and local craft fairs. You can increase sales thanks to the flexibility offered.

Thoroughly review your POS options to make sure you find the right system. Try out different systems in person if you can, and check around to get feedback on systems from those who have used them.

POS and Training Staff: The Dos and Don’ts

The right point-of-sale system can really make a big impact on your business. The right POS can improve your customer service, streamline your data management, and help you grow sales and minimize loss.

It is important that you properly train your staff on using the POS so that you get the maximum benefits from it. Here are a few dos and don’ts to remember when you are training your staff on the system:

DO Choose an Intuitive System

The POS system offered on the iPad is very user-friendly and intuitive. Your staff likely already have experience using an iPhone or iPad or something similar, and they will be able to quickly learn how to use the POS system. The interface is set up so that users can find information quickly even if they are first-time users.

DO Provide Hands-On Experience

Many users learn best by doing. You need to provide plenty of hands-on experience for your staff so that they feel comfortable handling any customer service issue that arises. You don’t want them to have to fumble when the customer is counting on them.

DON’T Make Them Watch Videos or Read Handouts

Passively watching videos or reading handouts can be very boring. Staff won’t be engaged by that material, which will make it harder for them to focus on the system. Again, focus on hands-on experience instead using simulation exercises or by allowing them to play around with the system when the business is closed.

DON’T Overwhelm Them on the First Day

Many businesses make the mistake of giving their new staff a 10-minute training session on the POS and then making them responsible for customers. That’s a recipe for disaster. Give employees plenty of training so they are comfortable on the system and can handle any issue that arises. Otherwise, you will make a lot of customers very angry.
With the right training, your customers can take full advantage of the POS system to help grow your business.

Develop Lasting and Stronger Customer Relationships with POS

POS systems make retail sales easier and more efficient, but they also improve customer relationships. Why do customers love POS systems so much? Several reasons.

First of all, POS software is convenient and fast. In today’s world, speed is of the essence and shoppers want fast service. POS systems help you process payments quickly and easily, decreasing wait time and taking the hassle out of processing payments.

These systems are also very easy to use, so staff training time is minimal. The most modern software is both powerful and user-friendly, so you won’t have to waste hours or days explaining how to use it. The less difficulty your staff has in operating a POS system, the less hassle there will be in processing orders. When customers see staff challenged by transaction software, their trust and confidence in a business erodes. An easy-to-use POS system helps to avoid these awkward situations, streamlining interactions and helping to build confidence on the part of the customer.

POS is secure, since software encrypts customer data from end to end. Credit cards and other personal information doesn’t touch paper and isn’t seen by staff. Customers will trust you more than competitors who don’t use secure POS systems, which will enhance your relationships with them.

Mobile POS systems, which operate from tablets or even smartphones, offer even more flexible points of sale than traditional POS systems. Sales associates, waiters, and retail staff can interact directly with customers on the floor. This flexibility makes it even easier and more convenient for customers to make purchases directly.

In some cases, mobile POS systems can actually replace menus or catalogs. In restaurants settings, for instance, this offers a number of advantages. The menu itself can be altered as needed, to meet changes in the restaurant’s offerings. A tailored, mobile menu can also incorporate its own upsell chain, such as wine and food pairings. This customized design will add even more value to the customer.

Over time, you can analyze your users’ interactions with the POS system. Usage data will offer insight into the needs and wants of your customers, allowing you to create products, services, and a user interface that better meets their demands. By giving them what they want, you’ll only form stronger relationships with them.

The Top 5 Reasons to Integrate a POS for Your Small Business

When it comes to transactions, POS systems are a necessity. No matter how small your business, customers trust POS systems’ security, value their convenience, and expect POS systems when they make a purchase. Here are the top 5 reasons to integrate a POS for your small business:

1. Immediacy and Convenience

POS systems offer quick checkouts, so customers can make a purchase and be on their way. Customers value this convenience. By integrating a POS system into your small business, you can offer faster service and an improved customer experience. This immediacy becomes a competitive advantage when other businesses aren’t able to operate as quickly.

2. You Earn More

More satisfied customers means a bigger bottom line for your small business. You will keep customers happier, keep them coming back more often, and earn more profits as a result. The most advanced POS systems include upsell features and tailored in-store offers, to help you make more sales on the spot.

3. You Save Money and Time

POS systems can be integrated with inventory systems, which can fully automate the process for many small businesses. Modern POS systems are also very easy to use, so you save on training costs. The efficiency and added functionality, from accounting to inventory, only cuts costs from your monthly budget and ensures accuracy.

4. You Can Track Everything

In addition to inventory tracking, these systems can keep logs of usage data and customer information. You can learn what your customers buy and what they avoid, so you can improve your products and services to meet their needs. The most modern systems include advanced reporting capabilities, so you can analyze and optimize.

5. New POS Systems Have Extensive Features

POS systems aren’t just about making the sale any more. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, many offer advantages that will help you make more sales. Contemporary POS systems offer price and product search functionality, enhanced user interfaces, and flexible design options. These additional benefits can help you ensure that you maximize every sales opportunity.

POS systems offer customers the best of all worlds. These systems offer the convenience and efficiency offered by automation, backed by in-person engagement and human interaction.

Are You Effectively Utilizing Individual Customer Data in Marketing?

Data is the most powerful tool offered by new technology, especially when it comes to marketing. If you aren’t using data in your marketing, you’re losing out. The right use of data can increase sales, boost operational efficiency, and give you a competitive edge.

How Individual Customer Data Can Improve Marketing

Many businesses are scared to use analytics and customer data in their marketing. While it can seem complicated and a bit intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, the right use of individual customer information can greatly improve sales and customer satisfaction.

While many people think of websites when they think of tracking customer information, analytics can extend to every type of software. Retail stores are just beginning to realize the advantages of using this customer data in their marketing. POS systems, for instance, can do more than just track purchases. The latest POS software, mobile-based ordering systems, give businesses the ability to perform in-store market tests.

Online, websites will often “split test” various website designs or marketing campaigns. That is, they will deliver two or more versions of a campaign to a customer. Changes in photos, calls-to-action, and design elements can all have big impacts on the rates of sales.

Brick-and-mortar businesses that use the right type of mobile POS system, such as a digital restaurant menu, can perform similar market tests. A restaurant may test new items, different photographs, different price points, or even a new logo. All of these can impact sales and customer perceptions.

This data can give businesses insight into their customers. The right data, then, will only help to inform marketing campaigns and improve sales numbers.

To learn more about your customers and integrate their data into your marketing campaign, you’ll need to ensure that you have the right software in place. Retail outlets will need to find a modern POS system, such as a cloud-based mobile system, that can process transactions, integrate with other business functions, and offer advanced reporting capabilities.

With the right software, a company can effortlessly track customer purchases. And with digital menus and other self-ordering interfaces, retail businesses can follow in the footsteps of web analytics, by testing design variations. These marketing tests will help businesses personalize their marketing campaigns, their branding, and their products. And, as a result, sales will only go up.