Posted 3 months ago by Jane Sea

Restaurant Automation: What Would the Service of the Future Look Like?

Just a decade ago, automation through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) was considered science fiction. Today, robotized intelligent technologies are taking ...

Posted 3 months ago by Jane Sea

How to Open a Coffee Shop: Strategic Planning and Cost Calculation

A small café averages operating income of 2.5 percent of gross sales. The percentage is much smaller than the gross margins for ...

Posted 3 months ago by Jane Sea

7 Creative Restaurant Concept Ideas That Will Give You a Competitive Edge

Keeping track of the latest industry trends is one of the most effective ways to identify winning restaurant concepts for the future. According ...

Posted 1 year ago by Maria Victoria Alcaino

How to Create the Ultimate Restaurant Management Training Program Mix

In every aspect of your professional life, once you get too comfortable with the status quo and stop learning and improving your ...

All you should know about restaurant kitchen design
Posted 1 year ago by Eduardo Mora

All You Should Know About Restaurant Kitchen Designs

In the heart of each restaurant is the kitchen. Due to the fact that there are plenty of kitchen layout options to ...

Posted 1 year ago by Eduardo Mora

Increasing The Customer Satisfaction of Your Restaurant

A well-known fact is that the restaurant industry is very competitive. According to the National Restaurant Association, currently, in the USA, there ...

Self Order Kiosk
Posted 1 year ago by Eduardo Mora

Streamlining Your QSR with Self Order Kiosk

Not many people enjoy waiting. Even the most patient ones can’t stand the feeling of wasting their own time. Waiting for that ...

Apply Here
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22 Restaurant Positions and What To Look For in Candidates

Finding the best people to fill in the job positions within your restaurant often is a difficult task. No matter whether you ...

No Money
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How to Open a Restaurant With No Money

A well-known fact is that the hospitality industry is one of the most competitive ones. In the USA for example, more than ...

Floor Plan
Posted 2 years ago by Eduardo Mora

Restaurant Floor Plans and How To Create One

Depending on the state where a business operates, one of the requirements for a new or entirely reconstructed restaurant to open for ...