Having customization ability is a make-or-break essential for you to experience the true streamlining that switching to an Aptito POS supremely delivers to every operational component. Aptito makes migration to the digital age smooth and painless – with spectacular rewards that begin the minute of startup. The digital menus featured by Aptito on the iPads that go on each table are super easy to customize, and integration with Aptito’s Point of Sale system – with its impressive full lineup of features – is a breeze. And recharging the individual units could not be any easier, as each unit comes with its own hookup built right under each table.

Customization that Focuses on Both Operations and Customers

When you hand over so many operational details to the safekeeping of Aptito POS and integrate it with your iPhone app, you and your full staff will be availed of more time to demonstrate extra measures of care for customers’ needs – and particularly all of those special requests that restaurants encounter on a rather frequent basis. Interacting with customers while delivering a more intimate level of service will no longer be rushed, and dining room floor to kitchen staff communications are more effective with saved time and cost from error eradication. And all you need is your trusty iPhone to be able to run the entire show from any remote location. There could not be any better method of improving your bottom line. Choose to receive Excel reports by text or email.

Your Aptito, Your Way

Among the outstanding array of customizable and diverse managerial tools you’ll have at your fingertips are inventory, payroll, taking reservations, scheduling staff, just to name a few. And then on the front end, the customizing option of displaying mouth watering photographs of your menu items, you will increase the total bill of practically every table, which has been the standard, as reported from user experience. Only when you have the ability to fine-tune your POS system in accordance with the way everything works in your business will you be truly satisfied with all that POS can do for you – and your customers. The customizations you create with Aptito give your customers a feeling of an enhanced dining experience in a superior restaurant. Make sure to share your ideas for specific customizing with Aptito, and they’ll make it happen!

Customized Operations Tweaking, from Customer Surveys

With Aptito’s option of including customized surveys, you can get as specific as you deem necessary for your customers to share valuable information regarding every aspect of their dining experience, including the food’s presentation, flavor, temperature and more. Find out what – if any – improvements could be made as they relate to service, as well as the level of comfortability from seating, as well as other facets of their overall experience. Keep track of survey results and more effectively put them to use, because of having collected them with Aptito’s app.

Inventory – Your Way

With the way in which Aptito’s inventory management seamlessly integrates with all of their other applications, you have the expanded ability to impressively synchronize your inventory, by a smooth “set it and forget it” implementation – only once. From that point, you’ll enjoy the assurance that you can leave the tracking up to Apito. You’ll have a complete account of the location and volume of every inventory item, and in real-time. This impressive inventory management system will automatically deduct each in-stock item per order, as well as tracking the sale, and providing the item’s cost and the resulting profit.