Posted 4 years ago by Jane Sea

Inventory Management You Can’t Afford to be Without2 min read

Often, when businesses are growing, they tend to focus more on the day to day operations and leave behind some of the less outwardly pressing, mundane responsibilities. It is here that inventory management can become a casualty. Unfortunately, what may seem like a component that can wait is actually an element of your day to day operations with full-on, make-or-break potential. Counting inventory, restocking and properly timed reordering are the lifeblood of the business.

The Blight of Poor Inventory Standards

In a report by the U.S. Small Business Administration, one of the most frequent causes of small businesses failing comes from unsatisfactory management of operating inventory. Surprisingly, statistics point to almost half of all small businesses with over 10 to just under 500 employees not having any form of tracking system in place to monitor inventory status. Among some of the more obvious problems linked to poor or nonexistent inventory management are unforeseen shortages, significant waste of perishables, over ordering of certain products that can not be moved, and general customer dissatisfaction. Regardless of which type of hit affects your business, it’s your company’s reputation that could wind up taking the biggest one. Microsoft’s Midsize Business Center reports that inventory costs of any such business are ultimately reduced up to 35 % when inventory is properly prioritized.

More Than a Counting Tool

By engaging a comprehensive inventory management system along with the right sales app, a small to mid-sized company can drastically cut their overhead expenses, streamline management and elevate the overall efficiency by which their business operates. Once an item has been entered into the system, the Aptito inventory management system will take it from there, managing the entire inventory for the business. You can set it to send you “inventory alerts” when levels are headed toward or have reached (preset by you,) critical levels. With the fantastic “auto-order” feature, one-button orders can be instantly emailed to the appropriate distributors or sources. Inventory control without the time and headache – so you can focus on the day to day operations.

The System Does All of Your Cost & Profit Calculations

You get whole management for inventory by full integration with all the Aptito apps, for ideal synchronization of inventory with the iPad POS. As guests order from the digital menu, the system deducts that item and associated ingredients from your inventory, also tracking the sale, cost of the item and your profit. Once an item is not available, it cannot be ordered on the iPAD, eliminating disgruntled order-placers. The only occasion you’ll ever have to think about inventory again will be in setting up the inventory system your way. And this is made easy, so there will be no problems in starting up. You’ll always know exactly where you stand.