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Provide Management With Streamlined Aptito-Brand Scheduling and Payroll2 min read

In addition to being up with the strictest industry standards for top notch security while providing the ultimate tool for attracting and retaining customers, Aptito cloud based POS offers clients the capability to operate it from anywhere. Create employee schedules, send via email to each one with a simple click, and make effective adjustments on the spot with concise communications regarding any staff conflicts as presented. Being accessible from anywhere and at anytime, Aptito cloud based POS means your business is always under the safe steering of management. Whether you are playing golf at the beach, right down the street, on site or thousands of miles away, you’ll always have a full and immediate connection to every realm of your business and operations in real time.

Every Aspect is Covered

Seamlessly customizable to fit your needs, the Aptito POS solution provides your business with a full managerial platform, offering extensive reports detailing sales and inventory, cost and profit analytics and more. No matter where you are, planning for every level and aspect of your operations. Keep touch with a detailed client database, staff and other operational scheduling, credit card processing and payroll. Tailor made, you’ll find the Aptito iPad POS to be the brilliant solution for every need your business has. Planning is full circle, with the real-time table reservation app communicating with the POS system.

Payroll Solved

Aptito’s fully-functioning payroll solution is up and running, and represents just one more superior managerial dimension of the all-inclusive answer for every possible operational requirement, and comes included as basic functionality without incurring additional expense. The system seamlessly tracks employee hours and wages, recording them so that you can review on a daily and weekly basis. Bi-weekly and semi-monthly options for navigating pay periods are set to become available for even more versatility, your way. You can run reports for any pay period, and download all you need for processing payroll in CSV format for integration with Quickbooks, or a contracted payroll service with just one click.

The Savings are Undeniable and an Absolute Necessity, for a Business to Move Ahead

Possibly the greatest saving grace that Aptitio’s payroll solution guarantees is found in the vast volume of time saved, from turning what used to be labor and time intensive, important tasks into touch-button accomplishment with immediate results. This represents the most brilliant technological solution to simplify administration to business owners, ever. In the very near future. any businesses without such technology powering their operations will simply not be able to compete in any viable way. In contrast to early predictions of technology somehow replacing the human element in operational aspects, what wise business people are discovering is the many ways in which POS technology – done right – brings management closer together with the full scope of every operational component, and gives them more options, more information and more ability to stay current and plan for the company’s future success.