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Restaurant Digital Menus on Your Smart Phone?2 min read


The world of technology is surely changing, and with it does come the next sweeping amenity for smart phone lovers: iPhone restaurant digital menus … on the go!

Today’s world of technology nearly runs at the pace and speed of a Formula 1 racing car – it’s always on the go and zipping and bounding into first place with the next great innovation. In par with this rhythm are the newer smart phones that have all sorts of flashy bells and whistles to them. In fact, there is not too much that smart phones can’t do these days, all things considered.

In all seriousness, who would have ever suspected that one day you would be able to walk into a restaurant and head to your reserved table that you booked online using iPhone restaurant digital menus?

That’s right – now there are newer applications that are being released that will do just that: allow for smart phone users to book reservations, preview a menu, specials and wine selection, and all from their advanced handset.

Even better? Newer iPhone restaurant digital menus software even allows for guests to order food items directly from their phone. And, they can tell the cook to make their steak “Blue in the Center,” or even well done; so custom cooking specifications can easily be submitted to the head chef.

Imagine this if you will. You find out about a restaurant by browsing your smart phone for applications. Next, you are suddenly offered dozens of restaurants to choose from that all feature iPhone restaurant digital menus – and all you have to do is select the restaurant that interests you the most and viola: you are browsing menus and booking a table.

Upon arrival, you can place an order via your handset – which is directly relayed to the kitchen. Need an appetizer? No problemo – just order one up on your phone. Is your water getting low and you are thirsty? Call the waiter to your table at the touch of a button. Enjoyed your meal and thought it was an award winner? Tell your friends by Tweeting or posting a Facebook status update.

As you can see … the world of restaurant digital menus is about to get kicked up a notch by the smart handsets of today!