How to add MODIFIERS?

A: Modifiers are basically any additional customization options you wish to add to your menu items. Such as sides, toppings, temperature, sauces, flavors, etc.

Modifiers can be grouped in templates or created individually inside a specific item/category.

○ Single modifiers: are useful when you can select only one choice from a variety of options (steak preparation: rare, medium, well, etc.)
○ Multiple modifiers: allows selecting combinations of more than one option (like bacon & eggs, rice & beans, etc.)

    How to add MODIFIERS?

  • Step 1. Select Menu>Template of Modifiers.
  • Step 2. Click [“Add Template”] and type a name.
  • Step 3. Click [“Save”]
  • Step 4. Click [“Edit”]

  • Step 5. Click [“Add modifier group”] and enter a name.
  • Step 6. Select modifier Type (Single or Multi)
  • Step 7. Click [“Add”] component
  • Step 8. Name the modifier component and set parameters (default, taxes, price, etc.)
  • Step 9. Click [“Save”]