So Long Paper and Thanks for the Memories … Hello iPad Restaurant Menus!

The next generation is upon us all, the digital age. With the arrival of this newer, technologically profound and more sophisticated evolution does also come the parting of ways with outdated methods of the past. In this instance, paper is the obsolete medium that is slowly being phased out. E-books, e-book readers, digital displays, smart phone handsets, computers, software and so on have all but eradicated the need to use paper any longer – or for that matter harm our environment by cutting down trees to create paper. Instead, newer technology has paved the way for the future. This superlative also relates to paper restaurant menus, something that is slowly but surely changing to the new format and acumen: iPad restaurant menus.

Why Did it Take so Long for iPad Restaurant Menus?

Good things come to those who wait. The reality: iPad restaurant menus were not all that realistic from a cost perspective, say, five years ago, when the iPad tablets really started becoming more widely used. For that matter, software for iPad restaurant menus was not even yet developed. But over the past few years, accolades have been realized and achieved within this realm. The results are affordable iPad restaurant menus and software that nearly any restaurant can implement without exceeding their allocated overhead budget.

Who Benefits from iPad Restaurant Menus?

Everybody does! The business will be able to more effectively operate with iPad restaurant menus in place; servers can shift focus to providing improved services to patrons when they ditch the paper menu pads. Fewer order errors are made, and less food is returned to the kitchen or lost as a result. Additionally, with iPad restaurant menus, more guests can be served throughout the day, thus increasing revenues over time.

Can All Places Afford iPad Restaurant Menus?

Most places can afford iPad restaurant menus during the present day. Sure, some may not require them, but that does not mean that they cannot afford them. Consider this: with companies financing iPad restaurant menus for around $15 per month per tablet – with the digital menu software included – that’s not too much money per month – or annually – when all is said and done. Compared to printing costs of paper menus, the numbers work out in favor of iPad restaurant menus.

Do iPad Restaurant Menus Increase Food Sales?

They sure do. If you want the real proof on numbers – we are happy to provide that to you as well. Check out this blog about how iPad restaurant menus increase sales by astounding numbers, and rather quickly at that. Over the next few years, it’s safe to presume that the next time you head out to eat with your friends or family, it’s very likely that you may be handed an iPad restaurant menu instead of a paper menu.

Could an iPad Restaurant Menu be the Answer to Providing Five Star Customer Service?

If you are seeking to increase your customer service, boost retention, loyalty and awareness, then an iPad restaurant menu may just be what the Food Service Doctor ordered.

Excellence in customer service is something that all restaurants are constantly seeking. Certainly, there are minor exceptions here and there. But it’s safe to say that if you were to ask any restaurant owner if they wanted to provide the best customer service to their loyal patrons that they would all answer with a resounding: YES. Recent technological advancements have procured a means of aiding such establishments in better providing their customers with that five star mantra of service, found in the digitally enhanced gadgets that comprise: iPad restaurant menus.

Customers are Bedazzled by iPad Restaurant Menus

Right off the bat, your customers will be wowed when presented with iPad restaurant menus to place food orders from. Imagine them being able to see high resolution pictures of tasty menu items that spur their appetites. What about fancy descriptions that are not limited by paper? What about up-selling and cross-selling, suggesting wine and beer pairing for meals, and even suggesting deserts and pre-meal appetizers, and allowing them to input custom cooking specifications into your iPad restaurant menus?

Sales Increase with iPad Restaurant Menus – Here’s Why

Here’s why you will see your sales go up with iPad restaurant menus:

  1. Pictures of food increase sales of menu items.
  2. Wine and beer sales increase because they are suggested as pairs for meals.
  3. Specials are more easily advertised.
  4. Happy hour and similar specials are more attractive.
  5. Technology inspires people; sales.

Levels of Service Are Enhanced with iPad Restaurant Menus

Additionally, your level of customer service will dramatically increase once you add iPad restaurant menus to the mix. Servers don’t have to take and write down orders, and the percentage of order errors is greatly reduced. Fewer plates are returned for being the wrong item, which decreases your monthly losses. Customers’ tables are better attended to, as servers can focus on providing them with more enhanced service, and not taking orders. Customers can pay at the table with an iPad menu POS system; reducing server time spent tendering payment.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to service that iPad restaurant menus offer, and this is just barely touching upon the topic.

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