Restaurant POS

Diverse Bar & Restaurant
Management Tools

• Seamless Integration
• Feature-Rich System
• Top-Notch Security


Seamless Integration

Restaurant Solution

Every restaurant owner knows how exhausting and tedious it is to own a restaurant. You constantly need to be present in the business to manage everything and end up working long hours.

With our software, we automate your business in order to save you time so that you can focus on the things that matter most.

Feature-rich System

Restaurant Solution

Aptito cloud based POS is accessible from anywhere at any time, so you can be down the block, at the beach, or thousands of miles away and still know whats going on at your place of business.

With extensive sales & inventory reports, a detailed client database, labor scheduling, payroll and credit card processing, our iPad POS solution is tailor-made to suit all of your business needs.

Top-notch Security

Restaurant Solution

Aptito is up to speed with strict industry security standards and provides the ultimate solution for attracting & retaining guests.

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Why Choose a Visual Ipad POS

– Customers are impressed and given a positive first impression when provided an iPad digital menu instead of a plain paper menu.
– Diverse management tools are provided with cloud-based configurations making them accessible at any time from anywhere.
– Our Mobile POS keeps your staff instantly informed of customer orders, needs, and valuable feedback.
– The cost is an impressive average of 80% less than conventional POS systems.
– Sales increase – The customer that see’s more, buys more – that’s a fact.
– One button reporting tallies up your totals at the end of the day.


We believe that Aptito should be as intuitive and visionary as all the other iOS-powered products that consumers have grown to enjoy and rely on. We deliver the technology that you need for the future, simplified.

A Payroll Solution

Aptito now provides a payroll solution to our clients at no additional cost. All of your employee hours and wages are recorded and tracked on a daily and/or weekly basis. Aptito’s payroll solution streamlines the process and simplifies administration. We manage the time-consuming tasks of manual payroll processing so you can focus on your business operations. Run reports for the pay period(s) or download everything you need to process payroll in .CSV format with one click.

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