iPad Self Order System Kiosk Software

Afforable self-order iPad Kiosks software

Aptito's unique and affordable self-order iPad Kiosks save time by creating multiple checkout points. The Kiosk option can save you thousands of dollars per month in wages for the low monthly fee of $49 per month. Any orders placed on the iPad Kiosks can be routed and tracked through Aptito’s signature iPad POS system or can be sent directly to the kitchen.

iPad Kiosk Benefits:

  • Sales Increase - Eye-catching displays of your menu attract more foot traffic & facilitate more orders.
  • Fewer mistakes & reduced strain on your staff during busy peak hours.
  • Easy-to-use digital iPad menu software can be setup quickly and updated in real-time to change items and prices.
  • Allows guests to choose between traditional and high-tech touch screen ordering.
  • Save time & money - Customers can tender payment directly using the iPad POS software that’s synched with the Kiosk.


View Aptito's iPad POS System Presentation